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Waste sorting

Waste sorting is the cornerstone of environmentally friendly living

Environmentally friendly living includes not only efficient waste management, but also recycling and sensible energy consumption. In addition to the mixed waste collection container, TYS housing locations also have their own containers for biowaste, paper, metal, glass, plastic, and cardboard. Read the sorting guide!

At TYS housing locations, the waste management company of Lounais-Suomen jätehuolto Oy (LSJH) handles collecting all packaging waste – that is, metal, glass, plastic, and cardboard. During 2024 LSJH will also become responsible for collecting the biowaste. Emptying the mixed waste and wastepaper containers is handled by Lassila & Tikanoja Oy.

See the LSJH website for more information:


Basic etiquette of waste sorting

Always put your waste in containers according to the sorting instructions and keep the container lids closed. Untidy, overflowing, and poorly closed waste containers are a health risk, as they attract mice, rats, and birds, all of which spread the waste around and carry diseases.

If your location’s waste containers are overflowing, please notify TYS customer service. Please note that incorrectly sorted waste causes additional waste management costs in addition to environmental harm.

Furniture and other items that do not fit in waste bins must not be left lying next to the containers. These need to be removed separately, again creating additional waste management costs. Large items should be taken to a recycling centre, waste centre, or other waste collection point. Also, there is no separate collection of batteries or electrical and electronic waste (SER waste) at TYS housing locations.

You can return batteries and small electronic waste (such as broken bulbs or old batteries) at most regular shops.

In the long run, extra waste management costs can also create pressure for rent increases. Diligent sorting therefore ultimately serves not only the environment but also TYS tenants.

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