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Disorderly conduct

In addition to the Public Order Act and other legislation TYS rules of order. must be observed in TYS buildings and yard areas. Neighbour’s disruptive behaviour is often resolved through discussion, but in some cases, outside help may be needed.

If you suspect that life, health, property or the environment is threatened or in danger, please call the emergency number 112 and follow the instructions provided.


What to do if the disruptive behaviour does not stop?

In non-urgent but prolonged incidents, you can report the incident through the tenant pages. For more urgent disruptions, such as prolonged noise during night time peace, you can report to the security service of your housing location.

Reporting disorderly conduct: +358 2 284 6998 (mnc/lnc)

Iltakajo disorderly conduct: +358 2 275 2138 (mnc/lnc)

However, please contact the security service with consideration, as not all nocturnal sounds may meet the criteria for disorderly conduct. If you are in contact with the security service, always follow the instructions you received on the phone.


Ordinary sounds of life or disruptive noise?

Usual sounds of life belong to the day-to-day life of multi-storey and terraced housing. In principle, for example, a baby’s crying, children’s loud games, and sounds from renovations or cooking are considered ordinary sounds of life.

TYS apartments observe night peace between 11pm and 6am, but for example, sounds generated from using the shower or toilet are allowed during the night as well.

Disruptive noise can be talked about when the sound is repetitive, unreasonable, inappropriate for the time, or lasts continuously for hours. For example, you cannot keep TV or music blasting all day.

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