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Tenant guidebook

Hyödyllistä tietoa TYS:n opiskelija-asunnossa asumisesta.

Dear tenant! This guidebook will provide you with many kinds of useful information regarding living in a TYS student apartment. However, if you fail to find answers to your questions here, please contact us at:

Renting an apartment involves both parties – learn about the different responsibilities

The responsibility for apartment maintenance is divided between the tenant and the lessor. The division of responsibility is regulated by legislation, various guidelines, and the rental agreement with its conditions and appendices.


The tenant is obliged

  • to take appropriate and good care of their rental apartment
  • to report any and all damages and deficiencies in the apartment that TYS is responsible for repairing

If the tenant neglects their obligation to report, they are liable for the damage caused by the neglect (Act on Residential Leases, Article 24).

Did you know that the tenant’s liability does not require intent? This means that the tenant is liable for compensation for damage caused to the lessor intentionally, through negligence, or as a result of other carelessness. The tenant is also responsible for damages caused by, for example, their guests, equipment, or pets.


As the lessor, our responsibility includes

  • renovation needs caused by normal wear and tear in the apartment
  • the continuous maintenance of properties

Usual wear and tear refers to normal, gradual wear, such as the aging of surfaces. And continuous property maintenance refers to monitoring, regular maintenance, and upkeep of buildings and structures as well as equipment related to property automation (such as heat, water, and so on).


Home insurance provides security if an accident occurs

Please remember to get home insurance from an insurance company of your choosing. Home insurance not only protects you against damage to your own apartment, but also covers damage in neighbouring apartments that may damage your property too. If, for example, water damage caused by another resident damages your movable property, you may not receive compensation without personal home insurance.

Check with your own insurance company what your insurance covers and its terms and conditions. TYS has property insurance that covers damage to the property, but not damage to the tenant’s personal belongings. The excess amount obligation of TYS insurances is also significantly higher than in home insurances, which is why the resident will have a significantly larger amount to pay.

Also check that the property value in your home insurance is high enough – some insurance companies also consider the interior surfaces of the apartment the tenant’s property, which can affect the compensation paid.

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