How are the apartments equipped?

The equipment of all apartments include certain basic things, but there are exceptions

How are the apartments equipped?

The apartments are mainly unfurnished. Primarily, only rooms in shared apartments in Ispuri and Pilvilinna are furnished.

All apartments are equipped with:

  • A Wardrobe

Kitchen is equipped with

  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Faucet and sink
  • Depending on the type of apartment, a stove + a oven or a stove

Note! In apartments with a shared kitchen, each tenant has their own small refrigerator in their own room, as well as a shelf on which, for example, they can put their own microwave, but the rooms has no kitchen. The kitchen can be found in the hallway and has all the above facilities excl. fridge.

Note! Kitchen equipment does not include other appliances or kitchen utensils, e.g.:

  • Dishwasher (some apartments have a dishwasher connection, which is shown in the floor plan of the apartment).
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker
  • Dishes, pans / pots and other kitchen utensils

Bathroom is equipped with

  • Shower – the apartments are not equipped with a bathtub
  • Toilet seat
  • Mirror
  • Sink

Note! Some apartments have a bidet shower. If there is no bidet shower, it will not be installed by TYS either.

Note! Bathroom equipment does not include:

  • Washing machine (some apartments have a washing machine connection, which is shown in the floor plan of the apartment). More information about the laundry rooms can be found here.
  • Shower curtain

Apartments are not equipped with

Apartments are not equipped with other household goods e.g.:

  • Curtains
  • Bed linen
  • Ceiling lights

The furnished apartments are also equipped with:

In addition to the above, the furnished apartments are equipped with:

  • Single 80cmx200cm bed (note! No mattress)
  • Desk
  • Chair

Size of the apartment, number of tenants and house pets

Only one person is allowed to live in an apartment that is less than 34 square meters in size or in a room in a shared apartment.

Pets are welcome to our apartments, excluding shared apartments and the apartments at Tavasti and Yo-talo A

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