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Moving in

A few practical matters, and then you are ready to settle in.

A check-list for movers

  • Remember to submit a notification of change of address! You can do this either at or It is recommended that this notification is submitted at least one week before the move.
  • Make sure that your apartment door has your name on it. You can get the name sign from the Housing Office. If you wish, you can also get stickers for “No advertisements” and “Pets in the apartment” from the office.
  • Please remember to take out a home insurance for your apartment from an insurance company of your choice.
  • The Rescue Act requires that all apartments must be equipped with a fire alarm. The tenant is obligated to acquire the fire alarm.
  • The Internet connection is available to the tenant right after moving in. You will need an Ethernet network cable (type RJ45) for the connection.
  • Go through the rules of conduct

Moving day

The moving day is usually the first weekday of a month, so weekends and holidays are excluded. The new tenant will receive the keys on the moving day. According to the law, the previous tenant must reserve at least half of the apartment to the new tenant’s use.

Moving days in 2024:

2nd of January, 1st of February, 1st of March, 2nd of April, 2nd of May, 3rd of June, 1st of July, 1st of August, 2nd of September, 1st of October, 1st of November and 2nd of December.

Paying the rent

The tenants receive their rent invoices for the entire year by email at the beginning of their agreement. You can also go to your online bank service and choose to receive it an as e-invoice.

The invoices will always be available also on your Tenant Pages. The due date of rent invoices is the 6th day of each month; the reference number will remain the same for the whole year.


A new tenant will receive the key from the Housing Office on the first weekday of a month, starting from 12:00.

The tenant is informed separately whether the key should be picked-up from the TYS housing office or from the key pick-up locker (see instructions below).

Depending on the pick up method announced, the key can also be picked up later than the moving in date from either the key pick-up locker or the housing office within its office opening hours. If you come to pick up the key from the housing office, bring your ID with you.

If you cannot pick up the key personally, you can ask someone else to pick it up for you. If the key is to be picked up from the housing office, notify TYS that someone else will pick up the key for you and report the name and date of birth of the person picking up the key by email to When picking up the key, the person in question must present an official ID.

Acquiring keys directly from the tenant moving out

It is also possible that the tenant moving in and the tenant moving out will agree on key transfer between themselves. In this case, a key transfer agreement must be made. We recommend that the tenant moving out confirms in advance who is moving into the apartment by contacting the Housing Office. Both parties must sign for the key transfer agreement by signing the printed form. Please note that this also means that the new tenant approves the apartment’s level of cleanliness and will accept responsibility of the keys.

Agreement on returning the keys

Picking up keys from the key pick-up locker

The TYS housing office has introduced a key pick-up locker, through which tenants can pick up keys outside the office’s opening hours. The machine is located in the vestibule of the Tyyssija A-staircase (Inspehtorinkatu 12A, 20540 Turku). If a tenant wishes to pick-up their key outside the office hours from the key pick-up locker, they must notify the office by e-mail to no later than 12 noon on the previous working day.

The key pick-up locker works like a parcel locker with a code. The tenant will be notified via SMS when the keys can be retrieved from the locker. The key pick-up locker is open 24 hours a day. Outside office hours, the locked front door can be accessed via the lockers´s PIN code. Once the PIN code has been entered into the external door code device, the tenant collecting keys must wait for the door to open. There is a small delay in the door opening.

Apartment inspection

Many new tenants have not been able to see the apartment before moving in, and that is why you should inspect the apartment’s condition and cleanliness immediately after opening the door for the first time. At TYS, the old and new tenant often move at the same time, and mutual understanding is needed. Potential faults in the apartment should be reported to TYS immediately, primarily by calling the office.

You can make notes about the apartment’s condition by filling in a moving-in inspection on the Tenant Pages. The moving-in inspection has to be filled in within 30 days of the starting date of the rental agreement. If you have not filled in the moving-in inspection within this period of time, it is not possible to re-open it. The apartment inspection and filling in the moving-in inspection should be taken care of to ensure your own legal protection, as it helps to ensure that, when you move out, you will not be liable for potential faults and defects that may have been in the apartment when you moved in.

Please note! The moving-in inspection does not replace a fault report. A fault report must be separately made for all faults requiring repairs.

Inspecting the level of cleanliness

The tenant moving in should inspect the apartments cleanliness during the office’s opening hours on the move in day. If the apartment’s level of cleanliness is inadequate, this should be reported primarily by calling the customer services +358(0) 2275 0200, so that the inspection of cleaning needs and a cleaning service can be ordered for the apartment. Cleaning and inspections will be performed on weekdays, during the office’s opening hours. Unnecessary cleaning will be invoiced from the customer. Please note that TYS cannot compensate for a cleaning that you have performed yourself.

To the Tenant PagesFault report

As a TYS tenant, you are entitled to many free-of-charge or affordable services.

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