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The rent of TYS's apartment includes electricity, internet, four sauna shifts per month and in almost all housing locations water.

Rent payments

The due date of rent invoices is the 6th day of each month. The tenants receive their rent invoices for the entire year by email at the beginning of their agreement and a new invoice for the following year automatically at the end of the year. Use the right reference number when making a payment! You can also always find your rent invoice on your Tenant Pages.

The rent’s due date cannot be postponed or changed and it is not possible to make a rent payment plan with TYS. If the rent payment is late, the late payment interest and collection costs valid at the time will be charged from the tenant. Unpaid rent will be transferred to be collected by a collection agency Visma Amili Oy.

Visma Amili Oy´s contact information:

tlf. +358 2 4808 8000
Visma´s payment service:

If rental payments remain unpaid, this may lead to the rental agreement’s termination and a credit data entry. Rental payments transferred to debt collection can no longer be negotiated with TYS after TYS has forwarded the debt collection process to collection agency Visma Amili Oy. Negotiations about a payment plan must be carried out with the debt collection agency. With regard to family apartments, both partners have a shared responsibility of the rent payments, also if one partner moves out of the apartment without terminating their agreement.

Other payments

Contract fee of 60 euros is charged for all new contracts. You will receive an additional invoice of this charge by email.

In addition to rent, you may be sent one-time separate invoices related to, e.g. lost keys. These invoices will be sent to your email.

A furniture fee will be charged from tenants who have rented furnished apartments. The furniture fee is itemised in every rent invoice. You can find the furniture fees also on How are the apartments equipped? -page.

Additionally, the monthly rental invoice may include fees of additional services you have chosen, such as a parking space fee. This will be itemised in the invoice.


If you want to receive your rent invoice as an e-invoice to your online bank, make an e-invoicing agreement through your online bank account. When the contract has been made, the bank will send the information to TYS.

Please note that TYS will compile the e-invoicing materials for the bank during the month before, so it may be that your next rent payment invoice may not yet be available as an e-invoice. If you want to stop the service, make a notice of termination in your online bank. Please note that if you change your apartment at TYS, you will need to re-order your e-invoice in your online bank using the reference number of your new contract.

Electricity, water, internet and sauna shifts

Electricity, water, internet and four sauna shifts per month are free in all leases with a few exceptions.

Water is not included in the rents in Aitiopaikka´s or Tyyssija´s apartments or renovated apartments of Kuunsilta, but will be charged separately based on consumption. In the non-renovated apartments of Kuunsilta, water is not billed on a consumption basis, but is included in the rent.

In the Kuikkulankatu housing location, usage fees (heating oil, water and internet) are not included in the rent and the tenant is also responsible for other maintenance and upkeep costs of the property.

TYS reserves the right to specify the rent in a manner that allows for charging electricity and water charges based on consumption.

Liability price list

In accordance with the Act on Residential Leases, the tenant is obligated to take good care of the apartment. The tenant is obligated to compensate the lessor for any damages the tenant has caused to the apartment, either intentionally or through neglect. The compensation for damages caused by neglecting this obligation will be charged by TYS, in accordance with this liability price list. The tenant is also obligated to familiarise themselves with TYS’s instructions, as ignorance does not release them from liability.

Liability price list

Office fees

Contract fee
(all new contract starting from 1.1.2020)
60 €
Cancelling payment of a rental agreement 60 €
Cancelling payment of a termination 60 €
Extra inspection visit 35 €

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