Tenant democracy

Tenant democracy is a way for you to influence matters concerning your housing.

Tenant committees

Tenant democracy means that the tenants participate in the building’s administration. Tenant democracy gives the tenants an opportunity to learn bout the building’s finances, condition and maintenance. Through tenant democracy, the tenants can also influence and decide on matters concerning their housing.

Find out more about the tenant cooperation model:

Tenant cooperation model

The tenant meeting is held in each housing location at least once during every calendar year. The tenant committee will convene the tenant meeting, and if there is no committee, TYS will do this. The tenant committee is selected through the tenant meeting. It will act as the representative of the location’s tenants in all affairs with TYS. The tenant committee will independently, though in accordance with instructions, decide on how to use the annual budget granted to it, and it will arrange activities based on the interests of the locations’ tenants.

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Several housing locations also have their own Facebok page/group (you can usually find it by entering the location’s name in the search field)!


Our locations have common areas that are intended for the tenants’ shared recreational activities. In some locations, the clubroom is booked through the Tenant Committee, in others through TYSBooking.

Clubrooms and how to book them

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