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Water and plumbing

As a tenant, you should try to prevent the drains from clogging. Troublesome blockages, leaks of all kinds, and broken sinks or toilet seats must be reported without delay.

You can try to unclog the blockage as it starts to build up. You can use an unblocking agent, but if the problem doesn’t go away, submit a fault report. To guarantee the work safety of maintenance workers, we ask that your fault report always mention if you have already tried clearing the blockage by using an unblocking agent.

If the drain is completely clogged, call customer service or the maintenance on-call number without delay. Failure to report this type of fault may result in liability for compensation.

Never pour water into a clogged drain to avoid causing water damage. If water starts flooding due to a clogged drain, take immediate measures to prevent and minimise damage.

As a tenant, you are also responsible for regular cleaning of floor drains. If the floor drain does not drain properly despite cleaning, submit a fault report, as the blockage may be further down the pipeline. However, typical causes of floor drain problems include hair that gathers in the drain and other normal waste produced by washing, which prevent the water from flowing smoothly into the drainage system.

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