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With TYS, you can almost always terminate your rental agreement with one calendar month’s notice period without a contract penalty.


The notice period of termination is one calendar month for the tenant and will always be counted to the end of the month following the termination month. For example, if you want your rental agreement to end at the end of March, you will need to send the notice of termination during February, at the latest.

The rental agreement can be terminated through the Tenant Pages or in person at the office. If a couple terminates their rental agreement, they both need to confirm it through the Tenant Pages or both have to go the the office to sign the notice of termination.

Cancellation of the contract

In the case of serious violations, TYS has the right to cancel rental agreement without a notice period. Such violations include e.g. neglected rent payments, continuous disruptive behaviour, transferring the rental rights without a subletting agreement or transferring the use of a part of the apartment to another party without TYS’ permission. The rental agreement will be terminated with immediate effect when the cancellation of the contract notice has been delivered to the tenant. If necessary, TYS will evict the tenant through the local district court.

After termination

When your notice of termination has been processed by TYS, you will receive a confirmation message that shares some practical matters related to the termination. Read the message through carefully and see the information for tenants moving out on the website.

If you have given permission to the office to give your contact information to the new tenant, they may contact you, for example to ask whether it is possible to see the apartment or to enquire about your moving schedule. If you have not given a permission to give your contact information, TYS may ask you to contact the new tenant.

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