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Changes to the rental agreement

Did you graduate? Did your apartment needs change? Are you planning to go abroad as an exchange student?

Internal transfer

When your housing needs or desires change, you may apply for an internal transfer. When applying for the most popular locations, you should be prepared to wait for several months or even years. The prerequisite for changing an apartment is that the tenant has taken care of all the obligations of their previous rental agreement. An office fee of 60€ will be applied to internal transfers.

  • Fill in the application on the Tenant Pages
  • After you have received an apartment offer you like, accept the offer on the Tenant Pages.
  • If you have paid a security deposit for your previous agreement, the deposit will be returned to you within a month of the agreement’s end.
  • The previous agreement will conclude automatically as the new agreement comes into force. If you want the rental agreements to remain in effect at the same time, contact the customer services to enquire the possibility of this.
  • You will be given the keys to your new apartment at the latest by midday on the first weekday of the agreements’ first month. The new tenant possibly moving into your old apartment will also receive the keys by then. Therefore the old tenant and the new tenant move at the same time, so remember to be flexible and cooperative!
  • You can return the keys to your old apartment in the evening after your move to our key return hatch in front of TYS Office or to the office the next morning.

Please note that if you break up with your live-in partner, you share the responsibility of the apartment and its rent as long as the rental agreement you signed together is valid. Always note it down into your application form, if the other party of your rent agreement continues to live in the apartment after you move out.

Please note! TYS will regularly review the student information of its tenants and sends a notice of termination in the beginning of the year to students who have graduated, dropped their studies, been registered as passive students or otherwise lost their student right, according to the information received from the educational institute. By notifying TYS of any changes to your student rights by yourself you may be able to agree on a more flexible housing solution.

Did you graduate?

Congratulations for your graduation! If you want to continue living with TYS after your graduation, here’s what you need to do:

  • Notify TYS of your graduation by email or via a message sent through the Tenant Pages. Attach your graduation certificate to the message.
  • The matter will be processed and a new, up to one-year-long rental agreement will be signed. During the continued agreement, internal transfers are not possible.
  • Your new rental agreement with TYS will end within the year, and it not possible to continue it again. If you want to end your agreement before this, you may terminate it normally with a notice period of one full calendar month.
  • If your studies continue, deliver the new student certificate to TYS, so that your agreement can be renewed.

Tenant changes

If the apartment’s tenants change, remember to always report this to TYS. Any changes to the agreement parties require signing a new contract. If a new party is added to the rental agreement, the information of the person to be added must be reported to our customer services or you can visit the office together and sign the agreement there.

If an agreement party leaves, this must always be reported, otherwise the agreement will continue as the agreement parties’ shared responsibility and both parties are still responsible for the apartment and the payments. The easiest way to terminate the agreement is through the Tenant Pages. When terminating the agreement, the name of the party staying in the apartment should be reported, so that we can make a new agreement for the remaining party without any interruptions.

If a new child is born into your family, you can report the child’s data via a message sent through the Tenant Pages or by email. Subtenants need to be reported via a subletting agreement, further information is available on this page.

Mid-term leases and subletting your apartment

In accordance with the rent agreement and the Act on Residential Leases, you will always need a TYS permit for mid-term leasing your apartment.

You may take on a mid-term tenant into your apartment for a fixed term, if you leave the city due to a reason related to your studies, such as exchange studies or internship. Note! Remote studying is not an acceptable reason for taking a mid-term tenant! The mid-term tenant must be a full-time student in the Turku area. During the summer months, from May to August, a study-related reason is not required and the mid-term tenant does not necessarily have to be a student. However, as a tenant, you are responsible for the apartment and rent payments even when the mid-term tenant lives in the apartment.

You can make the mid-term lease agreement through the Tenant Pages. Remember to always attach a certification of the grounds for subletting and the student certification of the mid-term tenant to the agreement.

Remember to also give your mid-term tenant the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, the rules of conduct and the user rules of the Village Network.

Please note! If you remain in your own apartment, i.e. you are subletting a part of your accommodation, be sure to select “the current tenant remains in the apartment” option in the form. In this case, your subtenant does not have to be a student, and neither of you need certifications. Please note that a subtenant cannot be taken into an apartment that is less than 34 square meters in size or into a shared apartment.

Mid-term lease agreement

Abandonment in Tenancy Agreement

You can apply for an abandonment in tenancy for a fixed-term time period, if you are moving away from your study municipality. The agreement for abandonment in tenancy is possible in case of e.g. conscription or civil service, exchange studies or an extended illness.

The agreement for abandonment in tenancy is a way of ensuring that you will receive a similar apartment when you return. However, we cannot reserve the same apartment for you. Before you return, you must fill in an apartment application on the Tenant Pages three months before the day you wish to move in. Choose Abandonment in Tenancy Agreement as the reason for your application.

You can make the agreement for abandonment in tenancy through the Tenant Pages. Please remember to always attach a certification of the reason of your abandonment to the application. Please note that the apartment agreement must be terminated normally, with a notice period of one calendar month. The agreement for abandonment in tenancy is not considered a notice of termination.

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