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Household appliances and equipment

Dishwashers and washing machines

Dishwashers or washing machines are not part of standard apartment equipment. You can have your own dishwasher or washing machine installed in the apartment only if there are appropriate connections in place.

The dishwasher and washing machine connections in TYS apartments are equipped with a back-pressure valve. If you are not sure whether your apartment has the necessary connections, please contact our customer service.

Contact us also if, when you move in, the apartment has a dishwasher or washing machine, which you have not separately agreed on with the previous tenant. If you do not report a washing machine in the apartment, we will see the machine as your responsibility. In this case, you are also responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installations.

Installing a dishwasher and washing machine is always the tenant’s personal responsibility. We require that an appropriate and authorised professional be used for all dishwasher installations, and that a safety tray be placed under the dishwasher to prevent water damage.

Please note that all home insurance policies do not necessarily cover costs caused by water damage unless the dishwasher or washing machine installation work was done by a HVAC professional.

For dishwashers and washing machines, the inlet and outlet water connections must have appropriate plugs in place whenever there are no connected appliances. Submit a fault report if the connections drip or leak water, or if the appropriate plugs are missing.

The tenant must also plug the connections whenever the device is temporarily disconnected. If necessary, plugs are available from the TYS office.


Kitchen appliances

TYS apartments are equipped with a stove and fridge or fridge-freezer. You have to get any other household appliances yourself.

The target temperature for a fridge is +6–8°C, and -18°C for a freezer. If your freezer is too cold, make sure you don’t have the quick-freeze function turned on. You can usually recognise the quick-freeze button by its orange light or a symbol in the shape of the letter S.

If the quick-freeze function is constantly on, the freezer will be too cold and storing your food is not optimal. Continuous use of the function also wastes energy and overloads the device, which can cause a fire safety risk.

If the fridge or stove do not work normally, always submit a fault report.

In most apartments, the kitchen equipment also includes a range hood. The range hoods are connected to the exhaust ventilation system, so they are practically always on. Some apartments have timer-controlled range hoods to enhance device operation.

There is usually also one exhaust air vent behind the range hood. Don’t forget to clean the range hood’s grease filter regularly with a mild dishwashing detergent solution or in the dishwasher.

How to clean the range hood’s grease filter (Youtube)


TV and Internet

All TYS apartments have socket outlets for cable TV and Internet. Basically, there is always only one active Internet socket outlet per apartment. In shared apartments, however, each room has its own outlet.

All TYS housing locations have a cable antenna system that enables watching television (supplied by Telia, except for the Auringonnousu location where the supplier is DNA).

Please make sure that your TV equipment can work in the cable network. Installing TVs and set-top boxes and searching for channels are the tenant’s tasks.

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