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Ventilation and indoor air

TYS apartments have mechanical extract ventilation that is constantly on (and runs at a higher speed for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon). In some housing locations, replacement air is also brought into the apartments mechanically.

In Aitiopaikka, Tyyssija, and some of Kuunsilta apartments, there is an apartment-specific ventilation system that must be kept on at all times. You can find more detailed instructions for using the ventilation equipment in these apartments attached to the door of the apartment’s cleaning cupboard.


Keep air vents open and clean

Exhaust air vents, that is vents through which air leaves the apartment, are usually located in the kitchen, bathroom, or walk-in cupboard.

You can easily test the operation of the exhaust air vent: place a piece of toilet paper/tissue paper on the mouth of the vent. If the piece sticks to the vent, the ventilation works as it should. If, instead, the piece of paper falls off, the ventilation system does not remove air from your apartment for some reason, and you must submit a fault report.

The vents gather dust over time, and they should always be cleaned as needed. Never adjust the vent when cleaning it – rather, pull it out (of its collar) completely by turning it counterclockwise, and wash it carefully with, for example, a mild dishwashing detergent solution. Cleaning the exhaust air vents regularly is the tenant’s responsibility.

How to clean the exhaust air vent (YouTube)


Replacement air vents, that is vents that bring fresh air from outside into the apartment, are located near the window. It is important that both the replacement and exhaust air vents are kept open and clean.

The replacement air vent must never be completely closed or, for example, taped shut. If the replacement air vents are blocked, the ventilation system will start pulling in replacement air from the next easiest place, such as the letterbox or a drain.

Many replacement air vent models have different positions that can be adjusted, for example, according to the outside air temperature (winter and summer positions). If the valve is in the open position, but no fresh air is coming out, submit a fault report.


Do not allow moisture to stay in the apartment

Leave the bathroom door open after showering and when drying out laundry. This way, the vents have no trouble receiving replacement air from the rest of the apartment: the bathroom will dry out faster and the ventilation will not pull in smelly air from the drain.

If you wash and/or dry laundry in your apartment, ensure adequate ventilation to avoid moisture damage. Don’t dry laundry or wet towels on top of doors as they will swell and get damaged.

If your kitchen has a range hood, there is usually also one exhaust air vent behind it. Regular cleaning of the range hood’s grease filter with a mild dishwashing detergent solution or in the dishwasher is the tenant’s responsibility.

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