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How can I apply for a TYS apartment?

The Student Village Foundation of Turku (TYS) has apartments for about 7,000 people in 17 housing locations around the city.

Who can apply?

  • full-time students of post-comprehensive school educational institutes in Turku
  • also students of upper secondary schools and vocational institutes
  • interns
  • Turku-based students who are studying remotely in an educational institute outside of Turku can also apply for a compelling reason, but we prioritize applicants who are studying in one of the educational institutes in Turku

Applications must include

  • a study certificate issued within the last 3 months or more recently
  • an acceptance certificate from the educational institution, if you have been admitted and are applying for housing before your studies have begun.

After graduation, students are able to continue their tenancy for up to one year, upon a separate agreement. Find out more about our housing locations.

TYS also offers youth apartments, which can be applied for by 18–29-year-old young adults living in Turku (not students). Fixed-term contracts of a maximum of five years will be made for these apartments. Youth apartments are available at Kiertotähti housing location.

Researchers can only get an apartment from TYS if there are no student applicants for the apartments.

If you are applying for an apartment with TYS and you have a guardian representing your interests, please deliver a copy of the District Court’s decision on the guardianship to us, along with the filled-in legal guardian’s consent form.

No special terms are applied to the rental agreement of a person under guardianship, but information about the apartment offer and the rental agreement is also sent to the legal guardian.

Please deliver the decision and the consent form to TYS customer services by email:

Legal guardians consent form (pdf)

More information about applying

The apartment application form is available online. For couples, it is enough if just one partner is a full-time student in Turku. However, both must fill in their information in the application form. The information of all children that may move in with the tenants must also be entered into the form.

Only one person is allowed to live in an apartment that is less than 34 square meters in size or in a room in a shared apartment. Please also note that since water (excluding Kuunsilla’s renovated apartments and Aitiopaikka´s and Tyyssija’s apartments) and electricity are included in TYS’s apartment rents, the rents are calculated on the basis of the number of tenants. Apartments that are larger than 34m2 are intended for a maximum of two adult tenants.

Pets are welcome to our apartments, excluding shared apartments and the apartments at Tavasti.

We have also furnished rooms in shared apartments. Furnished rooms have bed (80x200cm, no mattress), desk, chair and bookshelf. You can find the prices of furniture fees on How are the apartments equipped? -page.

The agreements will be made for full months, i.e. the contract will start on the first day of a month and end on the last day of the month. The rental agreement is either valid until further notice or a fixed-term agreement. Read more on rental periods. A contract fee of 60 euros will be applied to all new contracts. Read more on the fees.

How can I apply?

  • Find out more about our apartments through the apartment search.
  • Fill in the application 3 months before the apartment is needed at the earliest. Those waiting for the results of student selection can fill in the application before their student place is confirmed. Note! Application period for the student starting their studies in autumn starts 1st May.
  • Please note that in August and September, all apartments that become available will be allocated to students beginning their studies in Turku.
  • If necessary, update your application through the applicant service. You will create your login information during the application process.
  • Apartment offers are usually sent about four to six weeks before the contract is about to start.
  • Remember to renew your application every three months through the applicant service, otherwise the application will be deleted automatically.

How to apply effectively

We’d love to house every applicant, but due to high demand, we simply cannot.

If you need an apartment urgently, we recommend applying for a wide range of apartment types in different housing locations. If you only apply for a very specific type of apartment, you may have to wait longer for a suitable apartment to become available.

At the very least, make sure that you set the maximum rent and apartment size criteria realistically. By setting unrealistic criteria, you lower your chances of getting an apartment, so get familiar with our housing locations and make sure at least some of our apartments fit the criteria you set in your application.

Due to a high number of applications, we cannot consider special requests (e.g. which floor the apartment is on or which way the windows are facing), unless it is for a medical reason.

Apply for a TYS apartment today!

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