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Turku Student Village Foundation is a tenant-centric pioneer that enables safe, personalised, environmentally friendly, and effortless student housing


The aim of the strategy process was work interactively and create a new strategy for TYS to guide operational planning in the coming years.
The foundation’s board approved the updated strategy on September 17th, 2019 and it´s update on 20th October 2020.

Strategy of Turku Sudent Village Foundation

Strategic target stage 2030 and means of achieving it

TYS provides student housing to 25 % of the students in Turku over a time period exceeding the strategy period.

  • The foundation invests in developing Student Village East during the strategic period, while at the same time preparing to increase new production over an interval exceeding the strategy period.

Financial stability

  • Rent level for apartments is 15–20 % below market-priced rents with electricity, water, and internet connection also included in the comparison.
  • The foundation’s economic plan is balanced.

The focus of new construction for TYS is in the campus area that the Student Village forms a part of. At the same time, TYS actively follows campus area development and, when required, directs new construction to the vicinity of new campuses.

TYS is a pioneer in environmentally- and climate-friendly construction and maintenance.

  • Creating prerequisites to achieve carbon neutrality by 2029.
  • During the strategy period, TYS aims to engage tenants by employing apartment-specific meters for water and electricity in locations where this is possible.

TYS has a strong standing as the leading provider of student housing and services in Turku.

  • Maintaining the apartment portfolio by constructing, repairing, and also by surrendering when necessary. TYS constantly monitors changes in the market and housing demand and maintains apartment portfolio management and basic renovation strategy.
  • Developing new digital services and operational models that make the foundation’s services smoother and add to living comfort. Active investigation of future needs and experimenting with new services

Active partnership formation

Management by knowledge and development of expertise

  • Continuously identifying competence needs.
  • Learning about customers’ needs.
  • The foundation measures and evaluates its operations.

The foundation is a sought-after place to work

  • An engaging and developing work community

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