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Housing guidance

TYS’ housing counsellor will help you with a variety of problems related to housing.

Housing counsellor can help with everyday challenges

Has living on your own become difficult? Do you have financial challenges or issues with managing your day-to-day life? Our housing counsellor can help you.

Our housing counsellor is a trained professional from the social services sector, with whom you can speak in confidence. Housing counselling could help you with things such as finding a suitable support network to make daily life easier.

You can contact the service even if you are not certain where to start. It’s better to reach out instead of keeping your worries all to yourself.

Book an appointment online

An appointment with a housing counsellor is a one-time discussion during which our housing counsellor can help you create a plan for your next steps.

You can book an appointment with the housing counsellor through our electronic appointment booking service. When booking an appointment, please choose the topic that best suits your situation.

PS. You can find the language options in the menu on the left side of the booking system.

Book an appointment

Tukea tarjoavia toimijoita

Our housing counsellor can offer support for housing-related challenges, but sometimes difficulties in daily life may also be related to issues outside of our expertise. Below, you can find a list of different support phone lines and chat services that offer help and guidance in various life situations for English speakers.

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