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Housing guidance

TYS’ housing counsellor will help you with a variety of problems related to housing.

Housing counsellor is here to help

Comfortable and easy housing also requires taking your neighbours and possible roommates into account. If your housing does not go as expected, you should always try to take the issue up with the party causing the disturbance at first. However, if things do not proceed as hoped, the TYS housing counsellors may help you solve the situation. A disturbance complaint must always be made in writing through Tenant Pages or delivered to our email: After this, our housing counsellors will start to review the situation comprehensively with the tenant, trying to find solutions through which living in a TYS apartment can continue in peace.

Our housing counsellors will also help with rent payment problems and with applying for financial benefits. If necessary, a housing counsellor will steer the tenant towards service channels that provide help even with larger problems.

Easy living

  • Please ensure that the front doors of buildings are locked to keep outsiders away.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all TYS apartments and in the buildings’ common areas.
  • Night-time silence is between 23:00 and 06:00.
  • The tenants are responsible for ensuring that also their guests adhere to the rules of conduct.
  • You can promote the comfort of your housing location and get to know your neighbours through tenant committees, for example.
Tenant democracy

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