Fault report and maintenance

Taking care of the apartment’s condition is the tenant’s and the lessor’s shared responsibility, but the tenant is the only one who can review the apartment’s condition every day.


The tenant is obligated to notify the lessor of any damages or defects in the apartment for the correction of which the lessor is responsible. A tenant who neglects this notification obligation is liable for the damages caused by this negligence. (Act on Residential Leases, Section 24). Any faults will be reported through the electronic fault report on the Tenant Pages, which will be delivered directly to the maintenance company to be processed. The tenant is also expected to familiarize themselves with the TYS’s guidelines, and ignorance of these guidelines does not
free them of liability for damage.

Before filling in the fault report, check the division of responsibilities table below to see whether the repair is the duty of the tenant or the lessor. TYS will not charge the tenant for the maintenance and repair work of so-called normal wear.

Outside the office’s opening hours, Arkea Oy´s on-call maintenance service in in charge of urgent repairs tel. +358 500 523 759 (normal phone call rates apply). During on-call service hours, contact the services only in emergencies. If the issue can wait until the next weekday morning, do not call the service.

Door opening service (subject to a charge) for all TYS housing locations except for Auringonnousu and Iltakajo tel. +358 2 284 6998 (normal phone call rates apply). Door opening from the number on weekdays from 4pm to 8am and on weekends 24h. For Auringonnousu and Iltakajo the door opening service (subject to a charge) number is +358 500 523 759 (normal phone call rates apply).

Maintenance companies

Arkea Oy is responsible for property and outdoor area management in almost all of TYS’s housing locations, and ISS Palvelut Oy is responsible for cleaning services. Infraroad Oy is responsible for landscaping services. In Varissuo, Akseli Kiinteistöpalvelut is responsible for property and outdoor maintenance and cleaning in Iltakajo, and Haritun Huolto Oy is responsible for property and outdoor maintenance and cleaning in Auringonnousu.

The maintenance services will take care of the most common facility maintenance duties. TYS also has repair workers, who carry out small-scale repair jobs. When necessary, TYS also uses external service providers.

Liability price list

Maintenance visit

Maintenance work is carried out on weekdays 8:00–16:00. You can view the the process progress of your fault report through the Tenant Pages. If you are not home during the maintenance visit, a note of the visit will always be left in your apartment.

When filling in the fault report, you can choose whether you allow the maintenance workers to access your apartment with the master key or whether a separate appointment time should be agreed with you. By allowing the use of a master key, you can speed up the maintenance work. This way, time will not be used on trying to reach the tenant, and schedules do not need to be coordinated. The maintenance services will always ring your doorbell before entering the apartment. Please note that if you have not allowed the use of the master key and if the maintenance worker cannot reach you, the fault report will expire as unprocessed.

When you move into a new apartment, please note that the old tenant or an apartment inspector may have submitted a fault report, which will be repaired only after you have moved in. You can contact the customer services to enquire whether fault reports that will be processed after your move have been submitted.

Repair work ordered by TYS

TYS notifies the tenants about maintenance and repair work to be carried out in the apartment two weeks in advance and about larger renovations (such as basic renovations) at least six months in advance. If the repair measure is urgent and cannot be postponed without causing damage,

Resposibility chart

The responsibility chart shows when maintenance, repair or installation is tenant’s responsibility, and when it is lessor’s responsibility. When the tenant causes damage (whether by accident or intentionally), he or she is responsible for the expenses whether the work itself is on the lessor’s or tenant’s responsibilities. Please note that the tenant is always also responsible for the actions of his or her guests and pets. TYS recommends all tenants to have a home insurance.

CHORETENANTTYSNotes an exeptions
Building elements
Apartment balcony / terrace / steps: snow clearing (+sanding), cleaning and gardeningxIn most of the housing locations there is a manual lawnmower in the outdoor equipment storage.
Shared corridores and other outer spaces: snow clearing (+sanding), cleaning and gardeningx
Air ventilation
Repair and maintenance of the cooker hoodx
Cleaning of the cooker hood and the grease filterx
Cleaning of the exhaust air ventx
Following up the function of the exhaust air ventx
Repair and replacement of the exhaust air ventxPlease do not adjust the vents.
Following up the function of the fresh air ventx
Repair and maintenance of the fresh air ventx
Cleaning of the fresh air ventx
Bleeding of the radiatorsx
Repair of the radiatorsx
Room temperature measurementxPlease report measurement result in the notice of defects form.
Water and drains
Plugging of the dishwashers and washingmachines incoming and outcoing water pipesx
Repair and replacement of the taps and shower partsx
Opening of a block in a bathroom sinkx
Opening of a block in a kitchen sinkxNB. If you detect a blockage, signs of a starting blockage or a water leak, inform TYS immediately.
Opening of a severe block in any sinkx
Cleaning of a sink interceptorx
Opening of a block in the toilet seatx
Repair of a water leakagex
Stopping of a water damage from spreadingx
Cleaning of the floor drainx
Opening of a severe block of floor drainx
Installing of a dishwasher or a washing machinexTYS demands that a professional does the installation of dishwasher.
Removal of a cupboard due to a dishwasher installationx
Plugs to the sinksx
Electrical devices
Installation and maintenance of a fire alarmxSome housing locations have an integrated fire alarm system.
Cleaning and the follow up of the function of the cooker hood, fridge, freezer, owen and stovex
Cleaning of the fridge condenserxVacuum the background of the fridge.
Melting of the freezer and fridge + keeping the melting hole cleanx
Renewal of the lamps of the home appliancesx
Renewal of the bulbs to the lampsxIn Auranhelmi and Henrikki there are some lamps located so high up that the tenant may call for the maintenance for the job.
Reneval of the igniter of a fluorecent lampx
Reneval of the bulbs for the lamps on the balconyx
Renaval of the bulbs for the lamps outside the apartmentx
Reneval of the TYS installed lampsx
Checking and renewal of the fusesx
Providing the television antenna cord and the internet cablex
Renewal of the rocks of the sauna stove in the apartmentx
Cleaning of the Sauna stove in the apartmentx
Installing of a ceiling light and restoring of the ceiling light fixture if tampered withxPlease do not replace the TYS installed lamps.
Curtain hangersx
Curtain rackx
Renewal of the fridge handel etc.x
Repair and renewal of the drying rack of the dishes (in the cupboard)x
Matress for a furnitured apartmentx
Safety trough for under the dishwasherxTYS demands that a safety trough is placed under the diswasher.
Cleaning and upkeep of the common areas of a shared apartmentxCleaning and upkeep of the common areas in a shared apartment is all the tenants joint responsibility.
Shades to the windowxOnly to that side of the window, which is towards the room, not between the windows.
Name tag to the apartment doorxYou can get a tag from TYS office.

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