The board

Foundation’s executive administrative body is the board

The foundation’s board

The foundation’s executive administrative body is the board.

The board, with 13 members, manages TYS’ affairs. The City of Turku elects seven of the board members while TYS tenants elect two during the autumn’s tenant meeting. The Student Union of the University of Turku and other student unions will elect two members. The board members will be elected for three years at a time.


Risto SiilosTYS

People with right to speak and attend

Niko Aaltonenchairman of the stakeholder forum
Tuula KanervistoTYS
Ismo AaltonenTYS
Pirjo Lipponen-VaitomaaTYS


Pasi Ahola, chairmanCity of Turku
Janika Takatalo, I deputy chairmanCity of Turku
Rauli Elenius, II deputy chairmanTurku University Student Union (TYY)
Matti AhrelmaCity of Turku
Essi KarvonenCity of Turku
Petra PeltonenCity of Turku
Juha RantasaariCity of Turku
Janne SalakkaCity of Turku
Jesse HuovinenTurku University Student Union (TYY)
Jukka-Pekka SalmelaFinnish speaking student unions
Henna ReponenFinnish speaking student unions
Riina ForsmanSwedish speaking student unions
Tero AhlgrenTenant committee’s delegation
Anu PeuralahtiTenant committee’s delegation

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