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Cleaning and sorting waste

Keep your apartment in good shape by cleaning regularly

As a tenant, you are responsible for cleaning your own apartment. In shared apartments, the tenants are jointly responsible for cleaning the common areas of the apartment (kitchen, bathroom, hallway, possible living room). Each shared apartment tenant is also responsible for the cleanliness of their own room.

According to the Act on Residential Leases, the tenant must take diligent care of their apartment – which includes regular cleaning.

Are you moving out? See our website for instructions on cleaning your apartment before moving out.


The cleanliness of shared spaces is a group effort

In addition to apartments, TYS housing locations also have shared facilities, such as club rooms, laundry rooms, stairwells, saunas, and shared kitchens.

Arkea Oy cleans the shared areas at almost all locations. The exception is the housing location Iltakajo, where Akseli Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy is responsible for cleaning, and Aurigonnousu, where Haritun Huolto is handles cleaning.

Shared spaces are cleaned 1–5 times a week depending on the space and its utilisation rate. In shared kitchens, each user must clean up after themselves, as the cleaning company only cleans the kitchen surfaces and empties the trash cans.

If you notice any deficiencies in the cleanliness of the communal spaces, please report them to our customer service.

Furniture or other items may not be stored in shared kitchens, stairwells, or hallways, as they make it difficult to keep the premises clean and reduce fire safety. In the event of a fire, extra items do not only increase the fire load, but also make exiting the premises difficult.

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