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In principle, pets are welcome in all TYS apartments, except for shared apartments and the Tavasti location. The tenant is always responsible for any damages caused by their pets. Also, pets must not cause unreasonable disturbance to other residents.


Walking your pets

Pets must be always kept on a leash in populated areas. Please note that the rule applies not only to dogs but also to cats. Always make sure that your pets do not relieve themselves on building walls, other people’s yards, or playgrounds, and pick up after your pet.

Also remember to respect other people’s personal space during your walks. Even if you know that your dog just wants to meet new people, a strange dog approaching can seem scary to others. So don’t let your dog near people you meet unless you are sure that the desire to get to know each other is mutual.


Barking dogs

A dog occasionally barking is one of the normal sounds of life that one must tolerate when living in an apartment or a terraced house. However, long-lasting and repeated barking or howling, which can be a sign of difficulties related to leaving the dog home alone, for example, is something else altogether.

So, if you notice your neighbour’s dog constantly barking or howling for long periods of time, report it by leaving a note in the apartment’s mailbox or in the house stairwell. Your neighbour may not even be aware of their dog barking as they are themselves away when this happens.

If you hear or observe distracting pet behaviour – such as continuous, long-lasting barking – try to locate the apartment the sound is coming from and always inform the apartment’s tenant first. If you cannot locate the apartment, you can report the barking by leaving a note on the stairwell notice board.

If your dog is learning to spend time alone or you otherwise know that your dog may make noise on its own, we recommend informing the neighbours about it, for example by leaving a note on the stairwell notice board.

A pet’s loneliness can be alleviated with, for instance, pheromone products. Try to solve these types of problems as quickly as possible and, if necessary, get help from a trainer who specialises in such issues.

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