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Rental agreement

The rental agreement is in the interest of both the landlord and the tenant

Signing the rental agreement electronically

The rental agreement is signed electronically. The link for electronic signing will be sent to your email.

Signing the rental agreement at the office

You can also sign the rental agreement at our office. Please bring your ID with you! You can sign the agreement in advance or when you come to pick up the apartment’s keys.

Rental period

Rental agreements will be made for full months, i.e. the contract will start on the first day of a month and end on the last day of a month. The rental agreement is either valid until further notice or a fixed-term agreement.

Rental agreements are either valid until further notice or fixed-term agreements. In most cases, the agreements will be determined as being valid until further notice.

The rental agreements of youth tenants are fixed-term rental agreements that are a maximum of five years long. The rental agreements of researchers are a maximum of one year long. Fixed-term agreements can also be made based on the duration of studies.

A fixed-term agreement will also be signed in cases where the applicant has payment default entries. In these cases, the agreement is first made for three months and a deposit will be charged.

Terms and conditions of rental agreements and the rules of conduct

Terms and conditions of a rental agreementRules of conduct

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