Accepting an apartment

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Apartment offer

Accepting an apartment happens in stages. A notification of a potential apartment offer will be sent to the applicant, either by email or as a text message, depending on which you have chosen. Apartment offers are usually sent 4–6 weeks before the apartment is needed. The actual apartment offer is always available on the Tenant Pages, and you can accept or refuse an apartment offer only via the Tenant Pages.

After approving an offer, the applicant must pay the apartment’s deposit, following the instructions emailed to them, and sign a rental agreement through the Tenant Pages or at the TYS office.

Accepting an apartment offer

When an apartment offer has been made to you, you will receive a notification of this to your email. The actual apartment offer and its additional information are available on your tenant pages.

Read the apartment offer through carefully. For example, make sure that the apartment’s layout and its rent are suitable for you. The apartment offer will be valid for four full days.

You can accept an apartment offer after you have first confirmed that you consent to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement as well as the rules of conduct. An accepted apartment offer is always binding.

Security deposit

The security deposit for shared apartments and studio apartments is € 300 and for other apartments it is € 450. After the rental agreement period has ended, TYS may deduct the costs of possible damages caused by the tenant or extra cleaning services needed from the deposit sum without hearing the tenant. If the apartment is in good condition and the tenant has no delayed payments, the security deposit will be returned in full after the agreement period has ended.

The payment information of the security deposit will be delivered to you in connection to an apartment offer and the deposit’s due date will be stated in the apartment offer.

If you apply for a commitment to pay for the deposit from Kela, please request Kela to deliver the commitment to pay directly to TYS, to, or deliver the document to our office personally.

If you move from one TYS apartment to another, the security deposit will be transferred onto your new agreement. If the new apartment’s deposit sum is larger than your old apartment’s, you will be asked to pay for the difference in the apartment offer.

Rejecting an apartment offer

You can also reject the housing offer through the Tenant Pages. A maximum of two apartment offers can be sent to the same applicant. Please note that during busy seasons we may not be able to make a second apartment offer to you. When rejecting an offer, please let us know if you want your application to stay in the queue for a second apartment offer. If you do not react to the apartment offer, the offer will be automatically rejected and your application will be deleted from the queue.

If the apartment offered to you is not suitable, please edit your application at the same time. This way you can ensure that the new offer will better suit your needs

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