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The customer service pledge of the Turku Student Village Foundation

We promise the best service for clients

We were the first student housing community to publish its customer service pledge

In the beginning of 2018, the Turku Student Village Foundation was the first student housing community to publish its customer service pledge. With its customer service pledge TYS tells its clients what kind of services they can expect from the foundation. In the pledge they have taken into account the different stages of being a customer – the rental applicants, residents, and those moving away. The pledge is also a message, expressing the commitments of the foundation. The pledge is tightly connected to fulfilling the strategy.

We promise:

For rental applicants:

  • we will apply for an apartment for you together
  • when you are applying for an apartment, we will respond to your contact with us latest the next work day
  • the service adviser will help to choose an apartment that suits your situation.
    • the new students in the fall will get an offer for an apartment in maximum three months, unless they have limited their search
      • if there are free apartments, you will have an offer for one immediately
      • you can take care of almost all the tasks involved in renting an apartment electronically
    • our criteria for choosing residents are open and transparent
    • we are a safe and sure choice for those beginning their studies

For residents:

  • we will respond to your inquiry by the end of the next working day at the very latest.
    • we serve you personally: in customer service, chat, social media, by phone, text message, email, and via the resident pages.
  • we guarantee you the opportunity to have an apartment during the whole duration of your studies.

For movers:

  • you can continue living with us for a year after gratuating
  • we will refund the deposit within one month of the end of the contract, if there are no outstanding fees.

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