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Keys to a new rental apartment


The key is personal and it must be used responsibly and with careThe apartment key can also be used to access the common areas.

Please note that having copies made of the key is strictly prohibited. If you need an extra key or you lose your key, please contact the Housing Office.

If you lose your key

If you lose your key, contact our customer service immediately (+3582 275 0200 The office will give you a new key. The costs of the lost key and possible lock change or reserialisation will be charged from the tenant in accordance with the valid liability price list.

Liability price list

Door opening service

During office hours

During the office’s opening hours, you can pick up a spare key from the office without a charge. Please be prepared to prove your identity.

Outside office hours

Outside the office’s opening hours, door opening services will be provided by Arkea Oy. Door opening service telephone number for all TYS housing locations except for Auringonnousu and Iltakajo is +358 2 284 6998 (normal phone call rates apply). Door opening from the number on weekdays from 4pm to 8am and on weekends 24h. For Auringonnousu and Iltakajo the number is +358 500 523 759 (normal phone call rates apply). The door opening service is subject to a charge and Arkea will charge a door opening fee (40€ + a possible invoice fee 10€) based on its price list. The tenant must be able to prove their identity.

Door code

The front doors of housing locations remain locked at night, and in some locations they are locked 24/7. You can always open the building’s front door with your apartment key. If a door code is in use in your housing location, you can find this code from the Tenant Pages, under the location’s information. Please note that the door code may not work at night.

Keys to storage lockers and car heating poles

Most housing locations have storage lockers that the tenants can use. The storage lockers may be apartment-specific or separately rented. The Tenant Pages have the information, location and locking information of your housing location’s storage lockers. Further information on storage lockers.

You can pick up the key for car heating poles from the housing office by showing your ID after your have reserved a parking space. Further information on parking spaces.

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