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Electricity and fuses

There are sockets in TYS apartments that can be either grounded or ungrounded, depending on the apartment and room. The mains voltage is the 230V generally used in Finland, and the frequency is 50Hz.

The apartments also have one or more DCL outlets for ceiling lights. The DCL outlets always have a backing plate, a hook, and either a screw terminal block or a socket for connecting the lamp. If one of these three parts is missing, the installation of the light socket is incomplete.

Always submit a fault report via the tenant pages if the DCL outlet or light switch in your apartment is missing or damaged in some way. You may not make any repairs or changes to the light switches on your own.

If your apartment has a DCL outlet intended for a plug, but your light has only wires instead of a plug, do not disassemble the light socket. Get a plug and use it as a connecting piece. Plugs are available at hardware stores and major supermarkets.

Do not replace pre-installed lights

All bathrooms in TYS apartments have a pre-installed light fitting on the ceiling, wall, or integrated into the mirror cabinet. The fluorescent lamps above the kitchen worktops are also already installed. All shared apartments have pre-installed lights in the kitchen and hallway. Other apartments may also have pre-installed light fittings, for example, in the walk-in cupboard or in the hallway.

Lamps pre-installed by TYS may not be replaced with your own lamps. Replacing light bulbs is the tenant’s responsibility, but all other maintenance work related to pre-installed lights is handled by TYS. See the table of shared responsibilities for maintenance tasks for more information.

If an electrical device suddenly stops working, always check the fuses before reporting a fault. Replacing fuses is the tenant’s responsibility.

The fuse box is usually found in the apartment hallway, but in some cases, it can also be in the walk-in cupboard or the kitchen. In Student Village West, the automatic fuses of the studio apartments’ shared kitchens are located in the building’s corridor.

Always turn off the power at the main switch before replacing a fuse.

Instructions on replacing fuses (YouTube)

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