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Decorating and gardening

Fixing pictures, shelves, and mirrors to the wall is allowed, but don’t go overboard with these. You must also consider the wall materials when fixing or mounting anything – for example, you must not drill holes or attach anything to the bathroom walls.

You cannot make repairs or alterations in your apartment without permission. For example, painting and altering structures are measures that require permission. No compensation is paid for unauthorised work or work-related material costs. On the other hand, unauthorised repair or modification work may constitute grounds for terminating the rental agreement and collecting damages.

You can install a peephole or a door chain in your apartment at your own expense. The installation must be done by a professional, and the peephole or door chain must be left in place when moving out of the apartment.

If you want to mark your apartment yard’s boundaries, you can buy green wire fencing and install it between the existing barriers. However, you cannot extend the yard, which means that the green wire fencing must be placed between the barrier ends.

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