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The parking areas of our housing locations have two kinds of parking spaces: paid spaces with heating poles and regular spaces that require a free parking permit from eParking.

Free-of-charge parking spaces require a permit

All parking areas of the Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS) housing locations require a parking permit via the eParking application. The system is in place to ensure that the parking spaces of the housing locations are always firstly available to our tenants.

Every TYS tenant has a right to get a parking permit to their housing locations parking area. The parking license is available for the tenants free of charge, but the tenant has to apply for it via the eParking app. The parking permit expires when the lease of the apartment ends.

Please note that the parking permit does not guarantee a free space but provides you the right to park in your housing locations parking spaces (except for the paid spaces with heating poles).

Please note that the parking spaces in free use are intended for cars that are in regular use. Vehicles that are not registered or trailers cannot be stored in a free-of-charge parking space. Remember to ensure that your car does not block snowploughs in the winter.

Instructions for using the eParking system

Renting a parking space

The parking areas of housing locations feature both car spaces with heating poles that need to be reserved and are subject to a charge and spaces without heating poles that are available to all. Only those who have reserved a parking space may park in the spaces with car heating poles. Price of the parking space is 15 €/month and in Tavasti location, the price of a space in the parking garage is 30€/month.

Parking space reservations are made through the eParking system. There are no reservable parking spaces available in the eParking system at Auranhelmi or Iltakajo.

Regular parking spaces (ones without a heating pole) require a parking permit specific to the housing location in question. The permit is free and can be applied for via eParking.

For questions related to eParking, you can contact eParking’s customer service by phone +358 34 108 9272 (weekdays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or email

Special notes about renting parking spaces

  • You can only make parking space reservations and apply for access to our parking areas after the starting date of your rental agreement.
  • When you terminate your rental agreement, your parking space reservation and any granted access to parking spaces will be terminated in the eParking system. Please keep this in mind if you move from one apartment to another in the same area.
  • There are reservable parking spaces at Yo-talot. You must apply for access to the Yo-talot parking area in the eParking system in order to park there.
  • The parking spaces with a heating option at Iltakajo are rented by Akseli Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy.
  • The tenants of Auranhelmi can inquire about available garage parking spaces from the parking garage of Kiinteistö Oy Turun Kaakelinna.

Using the heating pole

The heating poles either have a timer or they work automatically based on the outdoor temperature. Using interior heaters or charging electric cars is strictly prohibited.

Parking at free-of-charge parking places

Terms and conditions for parking spaces

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