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Storage rooms

Both shared and apartment-specific storage spaces are available.

Shared storage spaces

The housing location has communal storage spaces for outdoor sports equipment, prams and bicycles. You can find these premises on the area map available on the Tenant Pages. In winter season, you should store your bicycle inside the bicycle storages to keep passageways clear for snowploughing. Please note that bicycles cannot be stored in hallways and lobbies.

Apartment-specific storage spaces

Nearly all our locations feature apartment-specific or separately reserved storage premises. The Tenant Pages have more detailed information about the reservations, locking systems and locations of the storage spaces in your housing location.

The price of a storage closet in Yo-talo C is 15€ (one-time payment, locker-sized space), which will be invoiced separately. The user fee of Student Village’s storages 8€ per month.

Terms and conditions of storage locker

Special notes about the storage spaces

  • No items endangering fire safety are allowed in the storage premises, such as mopeds, batteries or fuel.
  • Keeping any loose items in shared premises, on the hallways and other storage facilities is prohibited. TYS will remove all items left on the corridors and recycle them.
  • TYS is not liable for any items that have been left in spaces not intended for them.

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