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How to get a parking license on eParking-system

The parking places in Student Village West, Nummenranta, Ikituuri, Student Houses and Aitiopaikka are administrated on eParking-system. A valid parking licenses in needed also on the places which the tenants can use without an extra cost. Each tenant living in the previous named areas has a right to get a parking license. The parking license is available for the tenants free of charge, but the tenant has to apply for it separately on the eParking-system. The parking right expires when the lease of the apartment ends.  Please note that the right to park does not guarantee a free space but provides you the right to park in spaces that are freely usable.  Also the parking place reservations and the charges of the parking places with heating posts will me managed on the eParking-system. There are only parking places with heating posts in Aitiopaikka, but the tenants can get a parking license to the cost-free parking areas of Nummenranta and to the temporary parking place, which is located in the end of Inspehtorinkatu.

Vehicles that are parked without a valid parking license and / or wrongly parked vehicles will be fined. Parking control is provided by ParkkiPate Oy. Possible reclamations regarding fines and the like issued by ParkkiPate must be addressed directly to ParkkiPate as instructed in the notice accompanying the fine.

For customers visiting the housing office there are some reserved parking spaces that they can use for disc parking. Unless the spaces have been marked for customers or visitors, only the tenants in the area have parking rights. You can see the allowed areas in eParking. Please note that parking in yards and rescue routes is forbidden – but short-term temporary parking in these is allowed in connection with moving in or out of the building or with quick deliveries. Parking control can also be asked to fine a vehicle that is parked in a reserved space.

The parking place reservations for the places with heating posts in Student Village East are also done via eParking-system. There is no control of the parking licenses in the Student Village East on the cost-free parking places, so you don’t need to apply for the parking license separately for those.

How to register?

Register to the system at . The username is your email address (we suggest you use the same email address which you’ve given to TYS). You can also register with your Google account, when your information will be transferred automatically to the system.

Choose city – Turku, group – privat parking, parking provider – Turun Ylioppilaskyläsäätiö and the housing location where you live below the second “group”. Remember to send the application!

When your application has been accepted, you’ll receive an email from eParking. Log in to the system and choose “Monthly parking” on the left side of the page. Choose the parking area you wish to use and add the registration number of the vehicle to the system.

On the interleaf ”My reservations” you can see your current reservations. On this interleaf you can update the registration number which you’re currently using.

eParking will send invoices via email to residents who have booked a heating post. Mark the sender of the message as trusted and check your email spam folder regularly to be sure. If the invoice is not paid by the due date, the parking right will be terminated. Parking error fees due to an unpaid invoice will not be refunded.

NB! The person parking the vehicle is personally responsible for setting the parked vehicle’s registration number as active in the system. The parking license regarding the parking places one can use without a cost is valid only for one registration number at a time. Tenants who have reserved a paid space with a heating post can use eParking to enter several registration numbers, after which all these vehicles have the right to use this space for parking.

Visitor parking on eParking properties

Unfortunately, these properties do not have allocated parking spaces for visitors. Tenants may add the visitor’s register plate number under their own parking permit. In this case, the visitor may either park in the tenant’s heater post space or in a cold space (make sure to take note of which permit you use to add the register plate number). Please note that the permit is only valid for one vehicle at a time in the cold spaces, which means that the tenant’s car and the visitor’s car cannot be parked in the cold spaces at the same time.