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Terms and conditions of the parking space lease

  1. Lease term and term of notice
    The lease is valid for the time being and the term of notice is one (1) calendar month. The term of notice is counted from the last day of the month of notice. Upon termination of the lease, the parking space is automatically resigned also. When the landlord is giving the notice on the lease, a separate notification is given.
  2. Rent
    A monthly rent for the parking space is collected based on the current valid price list. The rent for the parking space is always charged for the whole month.
  3. Notifying on the changes of the rent or other charges
    The tenant must be notified of any changes in total rent or service charges with respect to the apartment or a part thereof, by post in writing two months before such rent adjustment becomes effective. The changes of the rent are made on a yearly basis at the beginning of each calendar year.
  4. Payments
    For the parking places rented at TYS Booking the monthly payment for the parking space is collected concurrently with the rent. The first payment is collected concurrently with the next rent payment. If the parking space reservation is made after that month’s rent invoice has been sent to the tenant, two parking space payments are added to the next month’s rent invoice. For the parking places rented at eParking, the montly payments are invoiced separately by eParking.
  5. Giving notice on the lease
    The parking space is rescinded through the TYS Booking or eParking system by cancelling the parking space reservation. The tenant will receive a confirmation email upon a successful cancellation.
  6. Key
    The tenant receives one (1) key for the car heating post. The key must be handed back immediately after the termination of the lease or on the next working day at the latest. A fee, based on the current valid price list, is charged for a lost or unreturned key.
  7. Using the heating pole
    The use of car interior heaters and charging electric cars from the heating poles is absolutely prohibited. The heating cable of the engine block heater has to be always disconnected from the socket and the socket box has to be kept locked. Caretakers will remove any cables left hanging on the posts.
  8. Additional
    The occupier of the parking space is primarily responsible for the winter maintenance of the parking space.