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Sauna shifts

The rent of TYS apartments includes four sauna shifts in a month.

Sauna shifts

One or more shared saunas are available to tenants in all housing locations. The rental agreement includes four free-of-charge, hour-long sauna shifts per month.It is not possible to buy extra sauna shifts.

Sauna shifts are reserved through TYS Booking. You can access TYS Booking through your Tenant Pages. Reservation is possible from the starting date of your agreement. You can also go to the sauna during the tenants’ common sauna shift. You can find the common sauna shifts on Booking.

The saunas can only be entered during sauna shifts. Please note that the doors of saunas will always be locked at the end of the last sauna shift, after which the sauna cannot be entered.

Mondays are always sauna maintenance days, which is why saunas are not on in any of the locations on Mondays.

The sauna hours will be adjusted based on the tenant committee’s suggestions and the saunas’ rate of use. If you wish to change the sauna hours in your location, please contact the housing location’s tenant committee.

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