Exchange student Housing Options

Afforable student housing near the city center

Shared apartment in Iltakajo or Student Village East (housing option 1)

TYS has two exchange student housing locations with shared apartments:

  • Iltakajo (address Krööpilänkatu 4) offers shared apartments for two or three people (in total 156 rooms) in the A, B and C buildings. The apartments have been fully renovated in 2016–2018. The apartments are spacious, and all include either a balcony or a patio.
  • Student Village East offers shared apartments for three people (in total 54 rooms) around the area. The apartments are spacious, and all include a french balcony.

Both locations have a sauna, laundry room and common room to be used by tenants.

Iltakajo is fully an exchange student housing location where you can have a full exchange student experience living with other students around the world and Student Village houses international and Finnish students.

Iltakajo is located in the Varissuo district near excellent services. In the Varissuon liikekeskus, just a couple hundred metres away, you can for example find grocery stores, a post office, a gym, restaurants, pubs and stores where you can buy household items. There´s also good bus connections to the city centre and the Universities (you can read more about the connections and prices here).

The Student Village is located near the the Universities and the city centre. The location is very close to the TYS Housing Office, a grocery store, a Föli city bike station, spa hotel Caribia and great outdoor recreation opportunities. The east side of the Student Village also has an outdoor gym for tenants.

In a shared apartment live 2-3 persons, usually of same sex. If wished, it’s also possible to apply for a mixed shared apartment, for example together with a student friend of opposite sex (only possible in Iltakajo). If you are arriving with a spouse please contact TYS beforehand, there is one apartment in Iltakajo with 37m2 suitable for a couple.

Every tenant has an own lockable bedroom in the apartment. The kitchen, bathroom and hallway are shared. The total sizes of shared apartments are 46,5-69 m2, depending if it is meant for 2 or 3 persons. The bedrooms have basic furniture; standard size single bed (80*200 cm) with mattress, desk, chair, lamp, bookshelves and wardrobe. The kitchens is equipped with a fridge, oven and stove. Please note that the the plan drawings differ according to each apartment, please see the exact plan drawing provided in the housing offer.

Location: Iltakajo (Varissuo area) & Student Village East

Rents in Iltakajo shared apartments: 
2 pers. shared apartment 325 €/month/person (including furniture fee)
3 pers. shared apartment 305 €/month/person (including furniture fee)
1 apartment  37 m2 (bedroom+kitchen, suitable for a couple) 500 €/month (including furniture fee)

Rents in Student Village East shared apartments: 
3 pers. shared apartment 325 €/month/person (including furniture fee)

The exact rent is informed in the housing offer.

Small studio apartment with shared kitchen in the Student Village West (housing option 2)

In total 204 small studio apartments of 18m2 with a private bathroom in the western side of the Student Village (there are no shared apartments in the Student Village West). The kitchen is located in the end of each corridor and shared by other tenants in the same floor, usually 12 tenants/floor. Please note that the kitchens are locked during night-time (23.00-6.00).

The studio apartment is equipped with a standard size single bed (80*200 cm) with mattress, desk, chair, lamp, bookshelves, wardrobe and a small fridge in the room. Please note that the the plan drawings may differ according to each apartment, please see the exact plan drawing provided in the housing offer.

Location: The Student Village West

Information about buildings: In the Student Village West building 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 10A and 12A. In each building there are 3 floors. In the building 12A the first floor is reserved for office use and the 2nd of 3rd floors for exchange students.

Rent: 375 €/month (including furniture fee)

The exact rent is informed in the housing offer.

Rents include

Rents mentioned above include basic furniture, water, electricity, sauna turns and internet connection. TYS’s offers also some free maintenance services. Most housing complexes have saunas, laundries and common rooms for tenants’ use. Please note that rent includes only furniture, not any other equipment (for example bedclothes, kitchen equipment etc) but exchange students can ask about starting package option from the arrival university (student union), more information below.

Please note that degree students have different apartment types than exchange students and the two options above are the housing selection for exchange students.

Starting package

The student unions of the universities in Turku (TYY, ÅAS), the student union of the Novia University of Applied Sciences (Novium), and the Turku University of Applied Science (TUAS) run a starting package storage where exchange students can borrow a package with household items which they then return before they leave Turku. More information can be found here.