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Information for Tutors

Here´s some information for tutors to note about exchange students arrival

Information for Tutors

A great number of new exchange students arrive to Turku and TYS apartments each semester. Here’s some information what tutors should note about exchange students arriving and living in TYS apartments.

Before the arrival:

  • Make sure that your exchange student is accommodating in TYS apartments and they have accepted the housing offer
  • TYS does not require deposit payment for new contracts
  • Ask the address of the apartment and possible room number/letter

Before the key pick up:

  • Agree with your exchange student are they picking up the key themselves or are you picking it up for them.
  • There are two ways for picking up the key:
    • Send an email to and make an appointment to pick up the key or keys. The e-mail must be sent no later than 12 am one the working day before the key pick up. Tell in your email who´s keys you are picking up. Please inform your name, date of birth and phone number in the email, so that we can contact you if any problems occur. Wait for a confirmation message. Please note that keys are only available within TYS Office opening hours.
    • Your exchange student can ask for the keys to be picked up from TYS´s key pick-up locker.  The machine is located in the vestibule of the Tyyssija A-staircase (Inspehtorinkatu 12A, 20540 Turku). If an exchange student wishes the keys to be picked up from the key pick-up locker, they must notify the office by e-mail to no later than 12 noon on the previous working day. The key pick-up locker works like a parcel locker with a code. The exchange student will be notified via SMS when the keys can be retrieved from the locker. The exchange student can share the information from the SMS with you, so you can pick the key up on their behalf.The key pick-up locker is open 24 hours a day. Outside office hours, the locked front door can be accessed via the lockers´s PIN code. Once the PIN code has been entered into the external door code device, the tenant collecting keys must wait for the door to open. There is a small delay in the door opening.

Key pick up:

  • Exchange student apartment keys for Iltakajo (Varissuo -area) and Student village West (buildings 3A-D, 10A and 12A) are available starting from 18.12.2023 at the TYS office, Inspehtorinkatu 12A (within office opening hours). Keys are pre-programmed, it starts to work when the contract starts, on 2nd of January 2024 12.00. It’s not possible to enter the apartment before that! Key needs to be updated in a key reader to gain access to the apartment. The update is possible starting from 2nd of January 2024 12 o’clock (mid-day). The key reader for updating the key can be found next to TYS office main door and in Iltakajo (Varissuo) on the wall of B-building. There are instructions in the key envelope.
  • Exchange student apartment keys for Student village East are available starting from 2nd of January 2024 at 12.00 (mid-day) from the TYS office, Student village 12A.
  • We recommend tutors to pick up keys during December if possible. There will be long queues at the office on the first weeks of January. If your exchange student is arriving later, also you can pick up the keys later.
  • Please note, that key can be picked up also later, if your exchange student is arriving later. There will be long queues at the housing office during the first days of the month, please prepare to wait.
  • Please note, that the electronic iLOQ keys for Iltakajo and Student Village West has to be activated before it can be used.
  • If your exchange student asks you to visit the apartment before their arrival, please consider that it’s someone’s home. Specially in shared apartments, there might be tenants in other rooms already living in the apartment.

Welcome to study in Turku!

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