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Welcome to live at TYS!

Congratulations on your new home!
Here you can find information about moving in.

Moving in

Notification of Change of Address

Remember to submit a notification of change of address! You can do it online at or It is advisable to make the notification of change of address at least one week before the move.

Also, make sure that your apartment has your name on the front door. You get the nametag from the housing office. You can also pick up the “No ads, thanks” and “Huoneistossa kotieläimiä” stickers for your door from the office.

Tenant Pages

All housing-related matters can be managed through TYS Tenant Pages. The Tenant Pages feature a map of your housing location area and information about your housing in the Housing Information Bank. Tenant Pages also contain other useful information about your housing location, e.g. parking spaces, waste sorting and storages. The possible door code is also available on the pages.

You received the login credentials for the Tenant Pages when you submitted your application.

Rent Invoice

Tenants receive a full year rental invoice by email at the beginning of the agreement. You can always find your invoice also on the tenant pages. Due date is the 6th of every month, the reference number remains the same throughout the year. Please note! Keep your email address up to date on the Tenant Pages in order to get all the important newsletters.

Keys and Emergency Number

New tenant can pick up the key from the housing office on the first working day of the month starting at 12 noon. The tenant is informed separately whether the key should be picked-up from the TYS housing office or from the key pick-up locker.

Depending on the pick up method announced, the key can also be picked up later than this from either the key pick-up locker or the housing office within its office opening hours. If you come to pick up the key from the housing office, bring your ID with you.

For urgent maintenance works outside office opening hours you can call emergency maintenance service. Emergency maintenance service for all TYS housing locations (except for Iltakajo)  tel. +358 500 523 759 (normal phone rates apply) and for Iltakajo +358 2 275 2138 (normal phone call rates apply).

Door opening service outside office hours for all TYS housing locations (except for Iltakajo) tel. +358 2 284 6998 (normal phone call rates apply) and for Iltakajo +358 02 275 2138 (normal phone call rates apply). Door opening from the number on weekdays from 4pm to 8am and on weekends 24h. A 40 euro fee will be charged for the door opening + possible invoice fee 10 euro, and the tenant must be able to prove his/her identity.

Fill Out a Moving-In Inspection and Make Fault Reports if Necessary

The tenant must fill out a moving-in inspection on the Tenant Pages when moving in.

Please note! The moving-in inspection does not substitute a fault report! An additional fault report must also be submitted for all matters that require repairing or maintenance.

If the apartment’s level of cleanliness is inadequate, the deficiencies must be reported to TYS within the opening hours of the office, primarily by phone (+358 2 275 0200). Cleaning can only be ordered as an on-call service if the apartment is in such an untidy condition that it is impossible to move in. Unnecessary cleaning will be invoiced from the customer. Please note that TYS cannot unfortunately compensate for cleaning you have performed yourself.

Home Insurance

TYS recommends that all tenants obtain a comprehensive home insurance for any potential damage. Home insurance provides security not only for damage to your apartment, but also for the damage you may suffer by the neighbouring apartments that may damage your movables. The tenant is liable for damages caused to the lessor not only by deliberate actions, but also by negligence or other carelessness – indemnity does not therefore require intentionality.

When obtaining the home insurance, you should check that the insurance includes not only a movables insurance but also a liability insurance. Liability insurance covers damage to the property caused by the tenant’s own actions. Make sure that the insurance amounts are sufficient for both the movables insurance and the liability insurance. Home insurance can compensate, for example, for water damage caused by a faulty dishwasher or a bicycle stolen from the bike rack. Without an insurance, the repair costs and the purchase price of a new bike would remain entirely the responsibility of the tenant.

Fire Alarm

The Rescue Act requires that all apartments must be equipped with a fire alarm. The tenant is obligated to acquire the fire alarm.

Internet Access

All TYS apartments have free internet access for the tenants. Village network is immediately available; all you need is a network cable. Village network is maintained by the IT Services of the University of Turku, please contact the IT Services directly in case of any problems.

Checklist for Moving in:

  • Submit a notification of change of address.
  • Inspect your apartment, fill in the moving-in inspection and submit a fault report about any matters that need repair or maintenance on the Tenant Pages.
  • Obtain a comprehensive home insurance that includes not only a movables insurance but also a liability insurance.
  • Check whether your apartment is equipped with a fire alarm with a functioning battery. If necessary, acquire a fire alarm to your apartment if you do not have one.
  • Familiarize yourself with your housing location (parking spaces, waste recycling points, and storage spaces) and Housing Information Bank on the Tenant Pages.
  • Check out TYS regulations on the Tenant Pages or at

Parking Spaces

Housing location parking areas (excl. Auranhelmi and Iltakajo) have parking spaces with heating poles that must be booked separately and are subject to a charge, and freely usable parking spaces with no heating poles. For more information, visit

Storage Spaces

Nearly all of our locations have apartment-specific storage spaces. The tenants of the Student Village and the Student Houses can book a storage space separately. For more information, visit

Sauna Shifts

The rent includes four sauna shifts per month. You can book your sauna shift on the Tenant Pages through TYS Booking.

Laundry Shifts

Nearly all of the housing locations have their own laundry room and laundry drying facilities. For those locations with no own laundry room, the laundry facilities are arranged at a neighbouring location.

Laundry shifts are booked on the Tenant Pages through TYS Booking. For more information on pricing, visit

Information about Your Housing Location

The Tenant Pages feature a map of your housing location area and other useful information about the location. The pages contain information on, e.g. parking spaces, waste sorting and storage. The possible door code is also available on the Tenant Pages.


All TYS tenants have already committed to complying with the regulations when accepting the housing offer. You can find the regulations at


Letters are distributed directly to the apartment’s letterbox or its mailbox. If a tenant orders a larger shipment or a package, for example, which does not fit through the letterbox, they should still report the apartment’s address as the delivery address. This also goes for shipments sent through courier services. For shipments distributed via Posti, a delivery notification will be delivered to your apartment. You can pick up the package from the post office stated in this notification by showing the notification. The tenant must agree on the delivery times of packages distributed by other courier services separately with the service in question. The TYS office will not accepts a tenant’s letters or other shipments.

Tenant Democracy

You can influence matters related to your housing through tenant democracy. Explore the activities of your housing location and the events organized by the tenant committee.

Club rooms

Our housing locations have clubrooms for tenants to spend time together. The use of the premises is decided by the tenant committees. You can read more about club rooms and how to book them on our website.

Common space TYS n´Chill

TYS n´Chill, the common space of Tyyssija, is in the free use of all the tenants of Student Village area, i.e Aitiopikikka, Ikituurin Nummenranta, Tyyssija, Student Village East and Student Village West Mon-Sun from 9 am to 11 pm. You can find the space at the adress Inspehtorinkatu 12 D, 20540 Turku.

In the space, you can, for example, study, watch TV or otherwise just hang out. The space can´t be be reserved, but the tenants of Student Village area housing locations can apply for a right to access the space via the form found on our website:

Tenant Newsletter

TYS sends the tenants a newsletter containing important and topical bulletins approximately once a month. The tenant newsletter is sent to the email address you provide on the Tenant Pages, so keep your email address up to date.

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