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Tips for getting around Turku sustainably and affordably

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In a city the size of Turku, moving from point A to point B is generally quite effortless – especially now as the days are getting longer and the weather clears up. In this article, we put together a few spring tips for sustainable, affordable, and smooth mobility. Even at the risk of winter making a comeback!


The entire city within cycling distance

TYS housing locations are within easy reach of the Turku centre and university campuses. Especially as winter recedes, you can make most trips conveniently by bicycle.

If your bike has been stored for the winter, you can visit one of the service points offered by the City of Turku to have it serviced for spring. Tools and bicycle pumps can be found at service points located around the city. Visit the City of Turku website to learn the service point locations.

Tip: On the 18th of May, a Student Bike Fair will be held in the Tyyssija courtyard from 12 midday to 4 pm. At the event you can have your bike serviced and fine-tuned free of charge by professionals.


Fölläri bike on the move. Photo: Vesa Tyni

If you don’t own a bike, get a Fölläri!

One of the surest signs of spring is the return of the yellow Fölläri city bikes on the streets of Turku. You can pick up one of these city bikes at more than 200 bike stations by using the Donkey Republic app.

The bikes can be used for a one-time, monthly, or seasonal fee. A single hour-long ride costs two euros, the monthly fee is nine euros, and a season membership that covers the entire cycling season (April 1 – October 31, 2024) is 35 euros. Cyclists will be charged additional fees if a single journey takes more than one hour.

Tip: All Turku Region Traffic Föli season tickets of at least 30 days also include the right to use a Fölläri bike. So, you can use both local transportation and the city bikes with the same price!

Fölläri bikes on the Föli website


Got some cargo to transport? Try a shared cargo bike!

Did you know that Finland’s first shared cargo bikes, or transport bikes, can be found in Turku? In addition to groceries and other shopping items, you can also transport a child with an electrically assisted cargo bike, as these bikes are equipped with safety belts. Like the Fölläri bikes, you can use the Donkey Republic app to get a cargo bike.

The prices for transport bikes start at three euros, and the selection includes both two- and three-wheeled models. The bikes are in use all year round.

The cargo bikes are part of the Scale Up project funded by the European Commission.


Electric scooters are available at almost every corner

Most TYS housing locations are within the operating range of the popular e-scooters. Electric scooters are rented in the Turku area by Ryde, Tier, and Voi, and all of them have slightly different areas of use. You can check the limitations in each service providers’ applications.

Day passes for e-scooters typically cost around 5–7 euros, and monthly passes around 25–35 euros. These passes often specify a maximum number of minutes you can ride, after which an additional fee is charged. More detailed price information is available in the service providers’ applications.

Remember to always park your electric scooter in the allocated parking areas if they are available. If no spaces are available, make sure the scooter does not disturb other riders or road users – and be especially mindful of not blocking any emergency or maintenance access roads. E-scooter riders are subject to the same traffic rules as cyclists. So, for example, make sure not to ride an electric scooter on pavements.

Turku City’s rules and instructions for electric scooters


TYS apartments are located near bus routes

Need a ride? Hop on a bus!

Public transport in the Turku region goes by the name of Föli and offers an easy-to-use and smooth way to move around the Turku region. You can travel with either a single ticket, a 24-hour ticket, or a Föli travel card. You can load this card with value (money) or purchase, for instance, a 90-day period of use.

You can buy a travel card at a service point and load it at service points or loading points, at a Föli shop, using a ticket machine, or you can use the Föli app. A student discount is granted on the ticket prices, and season tickets of at least 30 days also include the right to use a Fölläri bike!

It is easy to find out which Föli lines go by your home by using the Föli route guide. Simply enter your starting location and your destination – that’s it.

Learn about Föli!


A shared car – the carefree way to drive

A significant part of Finns’ emissions comes from private motoring. In addition, any car owner can tell you that maintaining your own car and paying for the insurance and the taxes amount to a pretty penny. Shared cars can be a good solution when you want the freedom of movement that a car provides without the financial and environmental disadvantages of private car use.

You can also find shared cars near TYS housing locations: there are two hybrid cars in the Student Village, and one van plus one electric car in the Nummenranta car park. The car rental service providers are and Omago.

Tip: You can check the charge level of the shared electric car’s battery in the Omago app! This means that you can choose a more sustainable vehicle without worries, because you can see the electric vehicle’s remaining range before you rent it. The new feature by Omago was added to the electric car in Nummenranta in late 2023, when the sustainable mobility options in the Student Village area were being examined in the RESPONSE-project.

Read more about the shared-use cars in the Student Village area!

Omago shared cars can be found in the Student Village area