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TYS’s chatbot Toivo gets an English-speaking friend – chatbot Hope started working on our website

About one year ago, Turku Student Village Foundation introduced a Finnish-speaking chatbot, Toivo, on its website. Now Toivo has been accompanied by an English-speaking chatbot, Hope.

For several years now, TYS has been hosting a live chat on its website where customer service staff give answers to customers’ questions during office hours. Our latest service upgrade, Hope, will be online outside office hours on the English website to help customers with issues related to housing applications and living at TYS. Hope and Toivo can both forward questions to customer service staff when needed.

Similar to Toivo, Hope will be on duty when there is no customer service staff present in the live chat. Hope will be catering especially to international students. Every year, over two thousand international degree and exchange students apply for housing at TYS.

Hope is constantly learning new things. The more Hope gets to chat with people, the better he gets at answering questions. This is because he will be trained to improve his answers based on previous discussions.

You can start chatting with Hope on the TYS website chat.