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Getting hot? Check out our tips on how to cool your apartment

By 24.6.2024No Comments

The weather is heating up again, which means that your apartment is bound to get a little warmer as well. While the warmth can be a nice change from the harsh wintertime, a hot apartment may get a little uncomfortable in the long run. Here are a few tips on how to keep your apartment cool during hot summer days.


1. Make sure your radiator thermostat is closed

The first step is to make sure your radiators aren’t part of the problem. Check out all the thermostats and make sure they are closed. Please note, that any radiators or floor heating in your bathroom should be left untouched, as they are on all year round to make sure the bathroom stays dry.

2. Open your replacement air vents

In most TYS apartments, there is a replacement air vent above your windows. These vents should be switched to a so-called “summer setting”. Adjustments may vary between different vent models but the basic idea is always the same: the vents should be fully opened during summertime.

3. Don’t let the heat in

It’s a good idea to keep curtains, windows and doors closed during the hottest hours of the day. Air out your apartment in the early mornings and late nights when it’s a bit cooler outside. If possible, make use of cross ventilation to let cool air flow through the whole apartment. Fans can be helpful as well!

4. Don’t add to the heat by using electric devices unnecessarily

Ovens and stoves can really heat up the apartment, but so do home electronics like TV’s and computers. If it’s really hot, you could try favoring the microwave over the oven and cutting down on TV time for example.

5. If nothing else is working, consider getting a cooling device

If regular methods are not doing enough to keep your apartment cool, you can consider getting a portable air cooler. While

If regular methods are not enough to cool your apartment, you can get an air cooler. Please not however, that we don’t allow the installation of air-source heat pumps in our apartments. If you’re considering an air cooler, remember that you are liable for any damages caused to the apartment or the property by the device itself or its installation.

Some air coolers also carry a risk of water damage, so be sure to pay close attention to your device. You must never leave a cooling device on unattended, even during nighttime or short trips to the grocery store. At worst, the condensation water in the device may cause water damage to the apartment, and the repair costs will be on you. Read the device’s instructions carefully before using it.


PS. If you want to know the temperature of your apartment, you can fetch yourself a free indoor thermometer from our Housing Office during its opening hours.