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WELCOME (BACK) from the” RESPONSE” mentor team!

Hello fellow TYS tenants, are you full of energy after the summer break?

The new academic year is soon starting, and we are all getting ready with the list of good commitments for the coming months. Don´t forget to add to your list “contribute to a healthy planet by (responsibly!) reducing my energy consumption”😉 The RESPONSE team is here to help you with that.

But let’s start from the beginning. For new students (and everyone who missed it before), here is a short summary about the RESPONSE project: it is a European project (Horizon 2020 -funded) implementing energy-positive districts and promoting awareness about climate-friendly energy solution. The final aim is to create sustainable and resilient cities around Europe. In Turku, the Student Village is the starting point where various energy-positive solutions have been initiated; you can see them in Aitiopaikka, Ikituuri, Nummenranta, Student Village West and Student Village East.

As part of the project, a “mentors’ team” has been created to foster the connection and communication between the project partners and YOU. Below you can read a little bit more about us! We had our kick off “treasure hunts” event just before the summer and will come back soon with new activities. We really hope to get you interested and involved!

Nice to meet you and welcome (back) to TYS, let’s make it greener together.



My name is Benjamin, and I’m 27 years old. I’m originally from Austria, but I was born and raised in Germany. I moved to Finland (Student Village West) in August 2020 to do my master’s degree in Global Innovation Management at the Turku School of Economics. As an outdoor enthusiast, you will most likely meet me somewhere in Finland’s magnificent nature. What else do I enjoy in my free time? Meeting people and doing outdoor activities like bouldering, running, snowboarding and hiking. For me, participating in the RESPONSE project means being part of a solution that aims to achieve both creating carbon-neutral cities and increasing the awareness of local societies.


Hello! My name is Damla and I’m studying geography at the university of Turku. Besides my studies, I enjoy reading good books, playing classical guitar and being out in the nature. I try to live as climate friendly as I can, mostly by consuming less and choosing quality over quantity. I honestly hope that it is possible to stop global warming if we only are open for the change. We can always do something and certainly always learn more. But we definitely should not close our eyes from what is happening. Instead, we should identify our role in solving the climate crisis. I’m very excited to be part of this project so that I can learn more about local solutions and possibly get new people involved in living a more sustainable lifestyle.


My name is Elmira, and I came to Finland in 2017. I am a PhD candidate in Materials Physics and I am working on semiconductor materials. These materials are the most crucial materials in our electronic and opto-electronic devices. So, basically I am working on materials that are used for example in your laptop or smart phone. I am trying to make these devices more efficient.  I joined RESPONSE project as a mentor to increase awareness on environmental challenges.


Hi! My name is Emma and I study my major in economics and my minor in sustainable development at the Turku School of Economics. In my free time, I spend my time in the scouts, playing sports, enjoying the nature, and taking care of my puppy. My fall also includes knitting projects and listening to audiobooks.

I joined as a RESPONSE mentor because I wanted to raise my and others ’awareness of energy and environmental issues. I am constantly striving for a more sustainable lifestyle – I am critical of consumption and avoid buying something new and eat vegetarian food. There is no time to waste in the climate crisis, so I am excited that as a mentor I can encourage others to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


My name is Farzam, a student of Masters of Law and Information Society at University of Turku. In my studies, I predominantly deal with modern technologies and the ensuing legal issues, one being how technology through the prism of Law can positively impact our environment. Now I’m excited to be a part of the RESPONSE project. I live in Student Village West, and I can picture an energy-positive Student Village, which could be a small but valuable step for all of us.


Hi, I am Martina. I am an Italian and have been living in Turku (student village east) for several years. I love spending time in the wonderful Finnish nature, picking berries or mushrooms, or to warm up in a sauna during cold Finnish winters. My studies are in the field of biotechnology and plant molecular biology and I’m currently working as researcher in the field of food crops; I enjoy gardening both indoor and outdoor. I have always been interested in bio/circular-economy and in “green” solutions and I´m very excited to be a mentor for the RESPONSE project, taking part in the creation of carbon-neutral cities.


Hello, I am Sachin Kochrekar, a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry, University of Turku. My research concerns the utilization of carbon dioxide, its effective recycling to value-added products and thus closing the carbon cycle.  I stay in Aitiopaikka.  I believe sustainable way of living should be new normal.

RESPONSE project is a wonderful initiative concerning energy positive residential area. Being part of RESPONSE project as a mentor is my small step about learning more and moving towards better tomorrow.


I’m Shaghayegh, currently, I am a student of Masters of Law and Information Society at the University of Turku and I live in the Student Village West. I really enjoy spending time in nature and explore new places. Since started my studies in Finland, I have become more interested in environmental and energy issues and by participating in the RESPONSE project I hope to be able to take a step in this regard to enhance the residents’ knowledge about these issues.