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Apartments for September have been offered

TYS apartments that will become available in September have been offered, which in practice means that our apartments are full for September. Some cancellation places may still become available, so stay tuned and check your email frequently for a possible apartment offer. Your application is valid and will wait for apartments that become available in October.

In addition to the date the application was submitted, the applicants’ situations and the number of available apartments both affect the chances of receiving an apartment. If you have only applied for an apartment of a certain type or size in a certain housing location, you may have to wait for a long time before an apartment meeting your requirements becomes available. If you need an apartment quickly, we recommend you to apply for a wide range of different types of apartments in different housing locations. Please only include applicable criteria in your application. For example, the maximum rent should correspond to the price level of a TYS apartment of the size of the apartment you have chosen.

You can freely edit your apartment application after submitting it, and this does not affect the application’s original date of submission.

Please note that our housing locations are only intended for students and youth tenants, which means that we cannot offer an apartment to an employed person who does not meet either criterion of the tenant profile.

An apartment that meets your search preferences may become available later in the autumn. Studio apartments become available less frequently. The waiting times for studios in different housing locations can be found in the apartment search in each location´s info text: . We recommend that you especially apply for shared apartments and apartments with shared kitchens if you have an urgent need for an apartment. However, there are no immediately available shared apartments or apartments with shared kitchens.

If you have already found an apartment elsewhere and no longer need an apartment from TYS, please remove the application. If, on the other hand, you want to wait for an apartment to become available, please remember to renew your application every six months!

You can also look for available apartments for example from other housing providers and the private market. Links and tips on different rental housing providers can be found, for example, on the websites of Study in Turku and the City of Turku

We wish everyone luck and success in finding an apartment, with moving arrangements and starting their studies in the autumn. Welcome to study in Turku!