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Let’s spread positive energy

The dark season, the negative news: war, pandemic, famine, climate change, refugee crisis, rising prices, inflation, economic recession, loneliness.

All the pressures and demands we have to deal with and meet as individuals: tight economy, energy-saving efforts, personal carbon footprint, tolerance, open-mindedness, social media presence. No wonder many of us are distressed.

But we can all do one thing to lift spirits, with no burden on the climate and at no cost: spread positive energy. You can do it remote or face to face – much easier now that we’re again free to have social contacts and spend time together. Every encounter is an opportunity: a stranger passing by in the corridor, a neighbour, a person at the checkout counter, a mate on campus, someone you work with. Spreading positive energy can also be, and perhaps often is, about taking time to listen and maybe being less focused on what we ourselves want to share.

We may, I think, have slightly lost our touch when it comes to connecting with strangers. We might not know anything about the people who pass us by, but they’re humans all the same. They eat, sleep, spend time on their mobiles, and so on. So maybe give someone a tiny smile, and even a greeting the second time you happen to cross paths. Have a go – it’s free and won’t add to your carbon footprint. It will leave an imprint, though, the wave of your hand.

  • A short FYI to TYS tenants: Tyyssija in the Student Village houses a low-threshold meeting place, TYS ’n Chill, where you can hang out, meet others, study, enjoy a bit of gaming, or your takeaway pizza, if you like. The chances are you meet new people. You never know. So why not get your personal pin code and give it a visit, you might want to go again!

Christmas time is here again. Christmas carries expectations and traditions, and there are special customs that differ from one culture to another. For some of us, Christmas brings pressure, with all sorts of expectations and hassle to do with preparations and the people in our lives. But what if we tried to make things easier by cutting ourselves some slack on expectations and instead aimed for the humble goal of giving positive energy to someone else? Achieve this and it’s a win-win.

You won’t have trouble finding people in need of some positive energy or support, near or far, that’s for sure.

This year, TYS has donated all the funds reserved for Christmas greetings to Red Cross to aid victims of war in Ukraine.

Thank you for this past year. Happy Christmas and New Year!

Risto Siilos