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Falling ice and slipping tires – three tips for facing the snowstorm

By 19.1.2024No Comments

The exceptional snowfall of the last few days will no doubt have an effect on our tenants day-to-day life, so here’s three tips on how to manage in the snowstorm.


Beware of snow falling from roofs

Thanks to the continuous snowfall we’re having, there’s quite a lot of snow on the roofs of buildings, so make sure to watch out for big chunks of snow falling down. Maintenance workers are a setting up flag lines to secure and isolate the most high risk areas, but we recommend a healthy amount of caution in the vicinity of all buildings. If necessary, maintenance will do controlled snow removals.


Clear your rented parking space

Snowplows will clear the snow from all the main pathways, but if you’re renting a parking space, it’s your responsibility to keep the space clear of snow. So even if you’re not planning on going anywhere right now, it’s probably a good idea to at least dig out your car from under the snow to make sure it doesn’t get stuck. And that might be a good idea for cyclists as well!


Slow it down!

Whatever your transportation of choice might be, the sheer amount of snow will make getting around a bit of a hassle. So make sure to reserve some extra time for getting from A to B. Be considerate of others when you’re out and about and make way for the snowplows, so they can keep the roads and streets clear for everyone.


Stay safe everyone!