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Turku International Market

I was still digesting all the food I had at the Medieval Festival, when I saw it announced: Turku International Market.
Many images of different flags: Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Mexico, Chile, Finland, among others. Saw the dates: from July 18th to Sunday 21st.

Needless to say I didn’t even have dinner the day before, thinking of all the delicious Mexican food I was planning to eat the very first day of the festival. Once I was there, it took me about 30 minutes to find the stand for the Mexican food. When I finally saw it, I almost went crazy….

What was it?

It’s important to mention that I wasn’t expecting completely real Mexican food, since it’s impossible to find a place like that outside Mexico, but I was hoping to have at least, something similar. What I wasn’t expecting was to see tacos with hard shell and nachos with corn. It was like being in front of the Finnish version of taco bell. Instead of being heartbroken, I was angry. Why someone is making people believe that this is real Mexican food??

I took all my anger and frustration to the nearest German stand, and ate a huge German hot dog, only to go for a Belgian waffle afterwards. While eating until I could not breathe anymore, I wondered if the other internationals were happy with the food at the market. Did I eat a real german hotdog or is something as fake as tacos with hard shell??? Is this how it really tastes a Belgian waffle?

I was so confused I went back on the last day and found an Italian stand, selling gelato. I got a big one, and sat next to the river, seeing all the white tents with the flag on the top. People were happy, walking under the sun, eating and smiling. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if the food or crafts were completely accurate, what it matters the most is that I live in a city embracing and celebrating other cultures.

Is the way Turku says: You are all welcome.

Blogger: Laila