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Is Finland trying to kill me?

By 27.2.201929 huhtikuun, 2019Ei vielä kommentteja

Ok, there’s a small possibility I’m being dramatic -again-, but I’ve been having a really hard time trying to keep myself alive.

Forget about surviving November, or Christmas abroad, we’re getting serious now:

How to survive to… WALKING ON ICE.

Before listing my complaints, please keep in mind that I come from a city with no ice and 30 degrees in spring.

Take a second to think about how would you feel with sun every day and almost 30 degrees by noon, for at least 8 months every year…. Sweat good times.

Now let’s move on.

When the winter began, I knew it wouldn’t be easier, and although it could’ve been so much worse, I’ve been trying my best to stay healthy and happy. However, there’s one problem I never imagined I’d have: the ice on the roads.

That’s right, now that is warming up and the snow is starting to melt, what once was a beautiful road covered on snow, turned into a street covered on hard ice.

Of course, I live 20 minutes away from the city center, and the roads are not as clean as downtown. What has surprised me the most, is the lack of use of salt, instead, the roads are gritted (and if they ever have salt, I don’t get to know it). Walking the few meters between my apartment and the main road, became my main-daily concern -and I must say once again: while I was walking like Bambi, the locals passed me by, walking or cycling like if it was summer, shameless people!-.

What to do?

I decided to do something about it and got the most amazing thing I didn’t know I needed: Ice gripper.

To all of those who (like me) have no idea what it is, it’s something you put on the sole of your shoes and has some sort of little spikes. That will prevent you from falling on the ice that looks like water.

Does it work? like magic.

Where can you get them from? A friend of mine got them from clas ohlson, but when I got there, they didn’t have any left, so I went to stadium and got them for 25 euros.

I realized that I was learning to walk again, at the age of 24, -and that, my dear readers, is not a feeling I thought I’d have again.

Thank you, icy roads and ice grippers.

Now I’m unstoppable.