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Farewell, Flatmate for two months.

By 5.4.201929 huhtikuun, 2019Ei vielä kommentteja


When I moved in to the new apartment, one of the things that concerned me the most, was to have to live with a girl that was not one of my previous -amazing- flatmates (Kaisa if you are reading this, let’s have coffee some time).

I already shared with you why the flatmates I had in me previous apartment, were the best I could’ve had (you can read it here). Since my experience was so good, I didn’t think I could be lucky enough to repeat the story in the new apartment, so imagine the surprise when I met my new roommate and realized she was as nice as the previous ones.

We had an easy life together, started getting along quite easy, sharing a few things here and there.

I was really happy with her!…. until she -casually- said: I’m moving out….

This is exactly what my face looked like when she told me she was moving out

My reaction


(Here’s the moment where my dramatic Mexican comes out, shining, ready for the action)

*Sad eyes, expression like I’m about to cry*

-Why are you moving out?- I asked- is it because of me? (I was thinking maybe she didn’t like  my enthusiastic “Good Morning!” whenever I got to see her in the mornings)

-Oh no! I applied for the transfer almost a year ago!.

*Astonished, speechless* -Oh wow, a year ago?? Alright, good. Congratulations!

For the rest of the day I was wondering how it was going to be my new flatmate and how long would it take for us to get along, or if we were gonna get along at all…

Then I realized how lucky I was -one more time-, because after a very short period of time, I’ll have the experience of being in all the possible scenarios when moving in a shared apartment: at the beginning, we were all new and started living together with unwritten rules but very clear boundaries; then I was the one moving into an apartment with a girl that had lived with two different flatmates in the past one or two years, and finally, I’ll be the one waiting for a new girl to move in.

To my soon-to-be flatmate: whoever you are, this cozy apartment with a crazy latina inside, can’t wait to meet you.

Welcome on board!