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The 2023 overall badge competition has been resolved!

During spring we were looking for a new overall badge idea for the year 2023 that reflects living at TYS and the TYS mental landscape. We were hoping for a lot of different bold badge proposals in the competition, and that is what we got! Record-breaking 63 different proposals were submitted to the competition, of which a jury consisting of TYS personnel and seasonal workers still studying selected the winner.

The jury aimed to select a badge from among the proposals that would be identifiable and familiar to as many tenant as possible living in TYS’s 18 different housing locations. Copyrights were respected in the selection as well. The proposals included, for example, themes such as: Posankka, Moomin characters and other copyrighted works that could not be selected as the theme of the badge.

“I wonder if any more energy-saving tips have been sent?” “I don´t know…It’s starting to get pretty dark.”

As the winner, the jury selected a badge addressing the energy saving campaign that had raised a lot of discussion in, for example, Jodel.  The jury particularly appreciated its humour and topicality.

This is how the artist of the proposal described the process of creating the badge:

“When I began designing the badge, I thought about current issues that would concern as many people as possible. Of course, the energy crisis and the measures against it quickly came to mind. And then I was inspired by TYS’s energy saving tips.”

The winner will receive a K-Group gift card worth 99 euros.

The TYS overall badge for 2023 has been further perfected by a graphic designer and is now going to print. The badge will be distributed at TYS Housing Office be free of charge. The gold is to get the badges for distribution before May Day. We will announce the arrival of the badges separately on our social media channels Instagram and Facebook, as well as in the tenant newsletter.