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The new tenant bloggers have been chosen! Welcome to follow the lives of our tenant bloggers on Instagram!

In September, we were looking for bloggers among pur tenants to make posts related to housing and student life on the TYS Instagram Stories. The new bloggers have now been chosen and you’ll find presentations for each of them below.

The bloggers take weekly blogging turns over a period of one year. If you’re not following the TYS Instagram @tysturku yet, start checking it out right away! Asmaa will start on the TYS Instagram Stories on 1st of November 😉


“My name is and I´m a master’s student at Åbo Akademi University majoring in Business Analytics. I moved to Finland about a year ago with my fiancé and our two dogs, Kai & Cookie. I´m passionate about home décor and cooking. I will be blogging about her international experience in Turku, DIY hacks, dog tips, and some delicious recipes.”


”Hello everyone! I’m Camilla, 22, and one of this year’s TYS bloggers! I’m a fourth year geology student at the University of Turku and just started my Master’s studies.

I live in the Student Village East in a studio apartment, which includes features such as a separate kitchenette and an alcove for the bed! The kitchen especially is one of the best parts of my apartment, since I spend a good chunk of my time there.

I have lived in my apartment for two entire years already! I have enjoyed living here and the size (35,5m²!!) has been more than enough for me. My apartment is my first own home and still a work-in-progress, and will probably never be finished!

I applied to become a TYS blogger because I heard so many good things about the position. I also thought that this could be a great opportunity to try something truly different and that I would hopefully meet new, fun people. I’ve met the other bloggers and look forward to working with them in the coming year!

I wish that my blog will be casual and friendly, and my goal is to portray what a regular student’s day in the life looks like. I also hope that the viewers warm up to the idea of the Student Village, since I’ve liked living here and have no regrets about living in a TYS apartment.”


”My name is Demi and I am a soon-to-be 25-year-old Swedish-Speaking Finn who is a pretty well-adjusted Turku-habitant (if you may say so when you haven’t been born here?!) after five years of living here. I am originally from Tammisaari and I spent much of my childhood in Tenhola, amidst tractors and terrible bus connections.

I have just started my fourth year in the political science department at Åbo Akademi where I study public administration, and I will get my long-awaited Bachelor of Political Sciences degree in the spring (if all goes according to plan). Up until last week, I was living in Student Village East where I moved in April 2022, but now I have moved into Auranhelmi together with my boyfriend. I have been moving houses once a year ever since I moved to Turku, and I can tell you that TYS is the first lessor I have actually enjoyed renting from because I can always get help whenever I need it, and I can still afford groceries after paying my rent!

I wanted to become a tenant blogger because it seemed fun based on the blogs I’ve seen before, but I was missing Swedish content, which you will now get whenever I am blogging. Thus, you can expect content in both domestic languages along with tips on budgeting, how to combine work and studies, and plenty of recipes (just to mention a few things for starters).”


”My name is Lari and I am a first-year student at Turku University of Applied Sciences on track to become a Bachelor of Business Administration through multi-format studies. I have been living in Tampere almost my entire life, but Turku has become quite familiar to me over the past few years. My home is located in the oldest building TYS has, Ylioppilastalot. The apartment is extremely cozy and spacious for two people.

I started my studies this fall, so I have only been renting from TYS for about two months. I really like the apartment and I have been positively surprised by the location. Basically everything I need is within walking distance. I wanted to become a blogger because I would like to shed some light on what it means to be a multi-format student. Multi-format studies are quite different, and I think people may also have some prejudices about them. I enjoy producing content.

I would like to bring out the everyday life of a multi-format student more in my blogs. I make use of services oriented at students a lot. I enjoy exercise and sports, and both will be prominently featured in my upcoming blog posts.”