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The new tenant bloggers have been chosen! Welcome to follow the lives of our tenant bloggers on Instagram!

By 18.10.2019October 21st, 2019No Comments

In September, the Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS) started looking for bloggers among their tenants to make posts related to housing and student life on the TYS Instagram Stories. We have now selected the new bloggers and – for those who have followed our online blogs before – there’s one familiar face among them. You’ll find presentations for each of the bloggers below. The bloggers take weekly blogging turns over a period of one year. If you’re not following the TYS Instagram yet, start checking it out right away! Laila will start on the TYS Instagram Stories on November 4th 😉


“ I’m Laila and I´m studying my Master’s in International Law and Human Rights in Åbo Akademi. I live in the Räntamaki area, in a shared apartment. I’ve lived almost 14 months at TYS. My time here has been nothing but perfect, instead of living in a simple apartment, I’ve found a home in a place that I really like. I decided to continue as a blogger because I wasn’t ready to let go the opportunity of telling how it really is to live in Turku and what are the implications of studying in Finland. There are so many good things about this country that are unknown to the rest of the world, that I love the fact that I’m able to share the greatness (and why not, some flaws as well) of the country that gave me the opportunity to study my degree. In my future blog I’ll share the daily life of an international student in Turku. Places to go to, where to buy, stressful days, relaxing days, the gorgeous nature, the apartments, the weather. etc.”


“I’m Valtteri and I study political science at Åbo Akademi University. I live in a studio in the Yo-talot in the middle of the campus. I have lived at TYS for 2 years and I have enjoyed my apartment very well, I have not even considered hiring from elsewhere. I applied to be a tenant blogger because I am interested in producing material for social media. My future posts will probably deal with student life with a ÅA-twist, and include thoughts and details from the daily grind.”


”I’m a humanist who lives in the Student Village and loves Turku, and I’m in my second year of cultural science studies at the University of Turku. A little more than a year ago, life took me to Turku as I left my past in the countryside behind. Since then I’ve been living in the Student Village, in a shared apartment with my two roommates. This collective mode of housing has been a good option for me as I’ve taken my first steps towards independence and living in a shared apartment has been rewarding and pleasant. At the moment I do, however, dream of a one-bedroom apartment, filled with plants and cats, in Nummenranta or the Student Village.

I wanted to become a tenant blogger as I wish to share good tips with other students regarding housing, decorating, everyday life, and coping with life for students. I want to share anything from tips related to moving to making choices as consumers, life-hacks for students, and ideas about good forms of recreation to counterpoint your studies. I also wanted to add my own perspective to why it’s a good idea to live at TYS and the benefits it yields.

In my future blog, I’ll try to share my own views of TYS housing combined with discussion with other TYS tenants and with people living elsewhere too. I’ll try to keep my blog relaxed, accessible, and discussion-minded, while also taking into account the wishes of my followers in my blog. My blog will include both topical subjects and timeless themes. What cultural events are there in Turku that fit a student budget? What are the best small cafés and flea markets in Turku? What small steps can you take to achieve a more ecological lifestyle? What do other TYS housing locations look like? These are just some of the many themes I’ll look into in my future blog. See you there!”

Aino and Katri

”We’re Aino and Katri, roomies and friends from Turku. We both study at the Turku University of Applied Sciences; Aino studies journalism and Katri animation. We moved to the Student Village and into out cosy one-bedroom apartment in late summer, and it’s been lovely to greet the approaching autumn and the start of a new chapter in our lives here. We applied for tenant bloggers since writing and photography are close to our hearts. Our upcoming blog will include our views on, among other things, living with a roommate, ecological aspects, arts, and the house plants that invade our home.”