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The new tenant bloggers have been chosen!

In September, we were looking for new tenant bloggers among our tenants to post Instagram Stories related to housing and student life for TYS. We have now selected the new bloggers and below you can get to know them in advance before blogging starts next week!

The bloggers take weekly blogging turns over a period of one year. If you’re not following the TYS Instagram @tysturku yet, start checking it out right away! The first on the blogger will be Pipsa, who will start blogging on 1st November 😉


Hi there! I am Aino, one of the new TYS tenant bloggers, and you can follow my everyday life as a TYS tenant starting in November. My main subject is study of religion at the University of Turku and my aim is to graduate as a teacher of religion, ethics, and psychology in the future. The field of communications is also close to my heart, and I have completed a study module in communications as a secondary subject. Right now, I’m in my fourth year of studies, so I’ve spent quite a while at the uni already. Regardless of this, the corona times that blew past us and my childlike sense of humour make me feel like a fresher all over again.

I live in a studio of 21.5 square metres in Yo-talot right next to the uni, and this is now my fourth autumn here. So, I have spent all my study years here in this compact-yet-cosy student apartment that has been perfect for my needs. All the time I’ve lived here, I’ve been more than happy with Yo-talot as a TYS housing location. In addition to their excellent location, these buildings provide a great offering of restaurants, sports and organisation facilities, and the students’ association room. The size of my small apartment is no issue when I can simply walk down the stairs when hunger strikes and go eat at the restaurant, and then go to sauna or meet some of my fellow students in the club room – all without having to set foot outdoors. So, I can safely say that I live in the very heart of student life at the top peak of the Assarin ullakko.

I applied to be a new TYS blogger because I believe that my kind of student life will interest all sorts of followers. I don’t wish to limit my writing with a limited set of certain topics, instead I want to provide diverse glimpses of my own life, tackle current issues, and first and foremost: handle themes related to housing. I can tell you what to expect in my posts: cooking, tips on housing and studying, and exciting entries with my blogger buddies. So, I hope you will enjoy the ride with me in the year to follow!


Hello! My name is Kayla and I study East Asian Studies at University of Turku. I live in a single person flat that has its own small kitchenette in TYS. I have lived here for only two months and I have enjoyed my time here so far! I applied to be a TYS blogger because I liked the idea of being able to show what life is like as I discover it here in real time and to maybe help those interested in coming to stay with us here at TYS in the future. Because I am a newcomer, both to TYS and to Turku, I will be exploring life here and documenting some of my experiences on the TYS blog. I will also be showing some of my hobbies and other day-to-day life as a student living in Turku.


My name is Timo Nurila, and I’m a 25-year-old student of journalism. I moved to Turku from the Los Angeles of Finland, that is, from Kokkola. I’ve been living here in Turku for a little over two months now. At this point I wouldn’t call myself a ”person from Turku” in spirit yet, even though I’ve already got to know the city pretty well.

I put in my application for an apartment at TYS right after my entry to the Turku University of Applied Sciences was confirmed. At first it looked like I wouldn’t be getting a place to stay. But finally I was offered an apartment in “eastern” side of Student Village. My place has an area of 50 m2. There’s a kitchen, two rooms, and a balconette.

Why did I apply for the post of tenant blogger? I wanted to put myself through new challenges and produce creative content. The biggest challenge may very well be having enough content in my life to share for a whole year. I aim to product ”the real content” with zero sugar coating.

Some of my interest include sports, history, music, and social issues.
I spend my free time with things like the gym, books, and ice hockey. If you feel like browsing through my life for the coming year, head on over to Instagram in the third week of November and subscribe to @tysturku.


Hello there! I’m Pipsa and one of the new tenant bloggers for next year. I’m a fourth-year student majoring in study of religion, and I also study philosophy and ethics. My original goal was to become a teacher in these subjects, but nowadays I’m beginning to lean more and more towards continuing my philosophical studies after I reach my current degree. Well, that’s a whole different story and mostly has to do with how long I will continue to be a TYS tenant.

My current digs are a small, 38.5-square-metre one-bedroom apartment, with plenty of room for a single person thanks to a practical floor plan. My friends know me as the ”did it myself and saved a bunch of money” kind of person in our circles, and this shows at home and in my everyday life. I love it when I come up with a way to create new, beautiful things out of old stuff: thus, my home is furnished with a lot of flea market treasures and furniture pimped by yours truly. I live only lived at TYS for about seven months now, but in this time, I have tried to get the most out of living at TYS and in Nummenranta and explore all the available possibilities. Thus, I have learned a lot about the services provided by TYS and the tenant committee, such as laundry facilities, saunas, and how to loan equipment from the tenant committee. I have only positive things to say about living in Nummenranta. The beautiful houses and the practical and picturesque location make a student feel fortunate to be able to wake up each morning in the lovely Nummenranta.

I applied for a tenant blogger as I believe that I can offer diverse and useful content to my followers; and also because I think blogging will take me to new places in terms of, for instance, new flavours and cooking experiments! My hobbies include exercise outdoors and all sorts of handicrafts, such as painting and knitting. These are topics that I’m sure to cover in my blog entries and share with you guys.

Here’s to seeing you later and getting to know you better!