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TYS housing office has introduced a key pick-up locker for collecting keys

By 10.2.2022February 15th, 2022No Comments

The TYS housing office has introduced a key pick-up locker, through which tenants can pick up keys outside the office’s opening hours. The key pick-up locker is located in the vestibule of the Tyyssija A-staircase (Inspehtorinkatu 12A, 20540 Turku).

The key pick-up locker works like a parcel locker with a code. The tenant will be notified via SMS when the keys can be picked up from the locker. The key pick-up locker is open 24 hours a day. Outside office hours, the locked front door can be accessed via the box´s PIN code. Once the PIN code has been entered into the external door code device, the tenant collecting keys must wait for the door to open. There is a small delay in the door opening.

The keys to the new leases will still mainly be picked up on the day of the move from the housing office. If a tenant wishes to collect their key outside the opening hours from the key box, they must notify the office about it by e-mailing no later than 12 noon on the previous working day.

Key collection of other keys, such as spare keys, parking space keys, storage room keys, etc., must still be reported to our e-mail As a rule, these keys are placed to the key pick-up locker to be collected if there is space in the locker. The tenant will receive a pick-up notification via SMS if the keys have been taken to the key pick-up locker. Otherwise, the keys will normally be picked up from the office.

Please note that key collection booked through our appointment system may also be retrieved from the key pick-up locker. So please let us know in the booking details if you have any other matter for the office, which is why you prefer to collect your keys from there.

With the introduction of the key box, the key service of the R-kioski will be deactivated.