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TYS expands customer experience project to measure customer satisfaction during their living with TYS

In 2020 TYS launched development project to improve customer satisfaction. We have now moved to continuous measurement, which allows more real-time monitoring of feedback and faster responses to potential problem situations. Measuring is already done for tenants who are moving in or out or have ordered housing maintenance for their apartment.

Now the customer experience measurement expands to measuring satisfaction during living. In the future, tenants will receive a survey once a year by e-mail. In the surveys tenants have the opportunity to evaluate various aspects from customer service to the condition of their apartment. Surveys are sent to randomly selected tenants on a monthly basis so that all TYS tenants have the opportunity to answer the survey once every year.

Tenants feedback is important for the development of our operations. We therefore hope that as many people as possible will take part in the survey and give feedback to us. You have an opportunity to win two movie tickets by answering to the survey. Winners are selected randomly.