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TYS Bake Off is over – here are the winning pastries!

By 14.12.2023No Comments

TYS Bake Off, a baking contest that was completed in the beginning of December, set out to find a signature pastry for TYS. A big thanks to all participants for creating outrageously delicious pastries!

A jury consisting of TYS staff reviewed all candidates but was unable to reach a unanimous conclusion. Due to this result, exceptionally, we are handing out two first prizes and a consolation prize for a third candidate that wowed us as well.

The bakers sharing the first place will receive K-Ruoka gift cards with a value of €99 each. The candidate who received an honourable mention will be rewarded with a 15 euro gift card to Wolt. Congratulations to the winners!


Shared 1st place: TYS Cardamom Apple Pie

The first of our jury’s two favourite pastries is a fabulous cardamom apple pie from our tenant Dzmitry who was inspired by the apple trees growing near TYS housing locations. Dzmitry explains that he got the idea for the recipe when he saw apples in the trees even after the first snowfall. The sugar icing of the cake symbolizes the snow falling on the apples.

What the jury said: The jury was impressed by the candidate’s story, the use of local ingredients that can be found near housing locations, and the vegan-friendly recipe.

Download the TYS Apple Pie recipe (pdf, in three languages)




Shared 1st place: TYS Mocha Brownies

Our tenant Milla’s TYS Mocha Brownies were awarded the shared first place. The brownies are decorated with TYS’s logo made of powdered sugar. The reason Milla chose mocha brownies was because “students need coffee to have energy for studying”.

The jury valued the fact that you can instantly tell this is TYS’s signature pastry. They also thought the reasoning behind the ingredient choice was clever and funny. The straightforward, traditional recipe also received praise, as it is simple enough even for the less experienced home bakers.

Download the TYS Brownies recipe (pdf, in three languages)




Honourable mention: TYS Winter Cake

TYS Winter Cake from our tenant Jasmin, inspired by the wintery Student Village, narrowly came in third place. The cake has flavours of caramel and cranberry. Its white icing symbolizes snow, whereas the cranberries on the decoration represent the berry bushes in the Student Village.

The jury was impressed by the detailed recipe, the wintery spirit of the cake, and the grid layout on the cake’s edges, that is reminiscent of the buildings in the Student Village.

Download the TYS Winter Cake recipe (pdf, in three languages)