Streamlining the administration of the Turku Student Village Foundation

One era reached its end, when the delegation of the Turku Student Village Foundation, in its autumn meeting on 17th November 2020, approved an amendment to the rules that ends its operations. The delegation held more than 100 meetings during TYS’s over 50-year history, and more than 800 representatives were part of the delegation over the years.

Ending this delegation was part of the amendment process of rules initiated by the Foundations’ Board. TYS rules have last been changed in connection to the amendments to Foundations Act in 2016, when the delegation’s duties were significantly cut down due to the legal changes. After the rules were amended, it was observed that the delegation’s changed role was no longer purposeful, and the Foundation’s rules needed to be renewed.

The purpose of this change is to simplify the foundation’s administrative structure so that the delegation, as determined in the rules, will be terminated. Next, this amendment will be registered to Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s foundation registry, and the current delegation will continue its operations as the Foundation’s stakeholder forum until the end of its term at the end of 2021.

“I believe changing the delegation into a stakeholder forum will streamline the foundation’s administration and offer versatile competence and contact to support the development of student housing in Turku,” says Niko Aaltonen, the president of the delegation.

“I want to thank all the current and former presidents and members of the TYS delegation for their contributions to developing student housing and TYS. The parties you represent will remain as the Foundation’s important stakeholders even after the rule amendment, and we plan to deepen our cooperation even further,” says Pasi Ahola, the president of TYS’s Board.